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Facebook Gaming and Me


A long time ago, perhaps a year ago or so, I wrote an article about why I love Facebook Gaming. Over all the other streaming services, such as Dlive, Twitch, Trovo, I choose Facebook Gaming.

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Now, as I said above, I wrote about Facebook Gaming before and I stand by what I said there. However I feel as if I didn’t articulate myself appropriately. I showed off graphs and why I love the statistics (and yes, I do love statistics). But I feel as if I didn’t truly define why I like those statistics.

In the simplest of terms, I like it because I can see where my audience is from and I can create unique, special content for those whom find me interesting in that region, or if that region is not what I want as a demographic, I can try and change up what I am doing. Now, I want everyone to love me, because well, I love me, I think I’m grand! So I’d never use this to disparage anyone from anywhere or try to drive my traffic to come from another locale.

Facebook gaming provides more than just statistics though, it provides a home for my stream. A home that will be very much in use in the near future. I know I have been posting about not coming back until September (2022), but things have JUST CHANGED. That is right folks, I will be back to streaming in the next week. I don’t have the hours yet, but I think it’ll be in the evening PST time frame. I am working on that right now, but I am coming back. I have powered up my streaming computer, I have updated my OBS to the latest stuff and worked on my overlays. I have to say, I am ready to return.

Lrrr is my co-pilot!

I will have this Omicronian pleased with me. Tinks, if you’re reading this, you will be pleased too, because I truly am coming back soon! And I am absolutely stoked for it! See you all soon in my War Room!

The War Room
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