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Y’all got anymore of them COVID-19 Memes?


I’m all about the humour of the situation, in that this omicron Variant exists and is totally scary… To people who haven’t read the reports from the WHO. But hey, let’s spawn fear again, it’ll make the memes grow.

And just like that, we are not sick.

Boosters are a thing now, true story.

It’s so damned accurate, if you don’t believe me, check out this blog I wrote on the omicron memes… It’s a meme dump.

I wonder if I can get the toaster in black, to go with my decore.

I mean, it’s not wrong.

All these memes about covid and people were called conspiracy theorists, yet here we are, being proven right and not to be the whack jobs people thought we were.

This seems about accurate.

The media loves to spin things out of control.

Can’t stop me now, I’m addicted to these vaccines. I want all the immunities!

This seems about right.

Accurate AF!

I believe this to be true, it’s about the sexiest thing about this whole covid thing, next to these fine folks here.

I just flew so I can confirm this, from literal personal experience.

This is what the media is all about, hiding the truth.

The comparison is so dark, but somehow feels like the truth. And that is so scary.

I don’t wanna pick, because they are both dumb.

It won’t stop coming and it won’t stop coming and it won’t stop coming.

Time for another booster subscription!

Oh ho ho, that’s a political jab!

Hahahaha I get it!

Because a military meme is required to finish this meme dump out!

Why not two military memes about covid.

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