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A very long time ago, I started writing a story, it wasn’t much of a story either. At least that is what I thought. After 12 chapters, each consisting of over 4000 words, which as I am told is considered a medium chapter size, I realized it was bigger than I had ever thought it would be.

I took a break from writing, and have since forgotten most of the story, I forget where I was going with it, all I remember vividly was the first chapter.

This chapter was full of sex, violence, and a plot that setup a deranged serial killer lose on the world. I have been thinking a lot about this lately and I have been wondering, should I return to writing? Should I resume where I left off with my story, should I complete it? If I complete it, where should I release it, should I publish it? Give it away on my website, or setup a delayed release, one chapter at a time?

These are but some of the questions I have, and I feel as if I know the answer but I do not know if I should follow what I know the answer to be.

I guess we shall see what I chose to do in the future, as I started writing my blog again, maybe writing my story is the next logical step. Once I get my idioms in check and correct my method for writing, fixing my punctuation and sentence structure. Oh how I love to not follow the standard english lexicon for writing. I am me, and my writing does not follow that paradigm typically. But I know if I publish an actual book, it has to, and as such, my writing here on this blog will change as well, I’ll have to adopt the correct English writing standard.

Such thoughts to have at 1am; I guess we shall see what happens. We shall see.

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