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Woah look at this mess!!


So I have been looking at my layout for gaming and what-not and I realized that this is just the beginning. Sure it looks like a mess right now. But it’s because I am reworking my entire layout.

I think I need another screen. A third, that’s right. A curved 144hz 4K HDR screen. That’s what I need. It’ll go great for managing my dlive. Which is my plan. Going to move my Xbox over to the desk once I get the new screen, and complete my dlive streaming experience.

I will stream every chance I get coming up. So many amazing games out there, and with my work schedule, I should be able to resume full-time streaming again. I miss it, I always have a blast interacting with my audience, my friends, my family.

I am stoked to get back at it. Soon!!

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