Woah DLive!!

So I am on DLive, streaming every possible chance I get, I stream music, video games, blogs, vlogs, chatting, whatever I feel. And It feels great!

Today I hit an amazing 30 viewers live, thanks to a host by another streamer, but they didn’t drop that much, after an hour I still had 27 of 30 followers and that feels amazing. People are sticking around to watch me stream, whether it be musc, or games.

I feel as if this platform, Dlive that is, is the most non-toxic and self-supporting community, they all seem to be focused on supporting each other.


I have streamed on twitch and mixer before, and neither of these seemed to have the type of community that Dlive has.

This is great. I am excited for the future of my streaming career. I hope to see so much more out there!

Here is hoping this trend continues!