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Wizardry: Playthrough+


I have known about Wizardry a long time, but for what is likely a bunch of reasons, I never played it. The game, and the series have always existed somewhere in my awareness as quality (certainly anything with seven sequels must be at least ‘okay’) but I never really had a chance to play it closer to its release date and haven’t really looked into playing it, until I stumbled upon the anime of the same name, based on the game and that was enough of an impetus for me to start playing it.

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The anime was excellent, basically like a D&D dungeon crawl in an hour. I really enjoyed it and decided that I really should try the game. I have no knowledge of the game aside from what I gleaned from the anime (not much) and what I have read in memes (incredibly hard difficulty, easy death). I am playing the NES version, largely for ease, and my intention is to not save-scum, so I can really enjoy the misery way old games were. Since the game has several dozen hours of playtime, this will be largely screenshots.

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My first character. Creation is fairly simple, 5 races, several classes (including some progress-classes, that require additional statistics – I can see the space for them, but only managed to make one – Wizard – so far), and a choice of good-evil-neutral alignment. Here is my first character and that bonus is huge, which I learned when making my subsequent characters
Here is the crew: Shithead the human fighter, Paladin the human fighter, Healbot the human cleric, Burgler the hobbit thief, Pothead the elf wizard, and Blaster the elf mage. They are ready to take a dive into the dungeon.
Navigating the dungeon (there is only one) is done in first-person perspective and is quite basic. Combat is done on the above table system. Things going well so far!
This is the navigation view and it doesn’t get too much more exciting than this.

On the topic of navigating the game: there is no automap. Either the player must map it out manually, keep in their mind where they are (very difficult), or get totally lost (or use maps found online, I guess). I am making my own maps and it is part of the fun, but it definitely slows things down.

This is the same fight – it shows something I really like about the game: the player is not always aware of what creatures they are fighting, sometimes a round or two is required to figure out what kind of ‘slime’ or ‘small humanoid’ they are fighting.
Treasures! Almost all boxes seem to have traps and makes me glad I brought along a thief.
Magic spells in the game all have unique names that require the player to learn what they do through trial and error (or using a wiki, but I am going with trial and error).
Well, taht sucks. My early exploration was halted by this setback as the crew ran back to town to resurrect Paladin.
…and Healbot gets killed very soon after we re-enter the dungeon. Going is quite difficult and I had several deaths. I had to make a few other characters: Goon the fighter as well as Beggar, Bandit, and Blimp the thieves. I tried to raise Burgler after he was killed, but he was turned to ash. RIP, I guess.
Regaining health is difficult. Gaining levels requires sleep.
Lost statistics?! Madness. Shithead gains in power and most of the crew’s jaunts are pure grinding.
Beggar was permanently paralyzed by a trap. Life is hard.
One of the story elements of the game, we also found a key in this room.
From the anime I learned that the dungeon has 10 levels, and I finally reached the end of the first.

That’s it for the first entry in this playthrough. The crew is fairly stabilized now with all characters being on level 3 or 4. We have found some better equipment, but nothing too special yet.

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