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Wish List: Elden Ring DLC

C’mon man! I know you have some!

It took me longer to get into Elden Ring than most people – I didn’t buy the game until October 2022, about six months after the game was released. Since then; however, I really jumped on the bandwagon. I have beaten the game and managed every ending and have beaten the hidden bosses, collecting all of the trophies available. I even did some serious grinding to get some of the rare drop weapons, but I abandoned this vain quest (call me what you like, I am really tired of trying to get a Magma Blade!).

I am not much for online and/or multiplayer, so the recent arena update was a little bit of a let down for me. Now, everyday (like some other people) I pine for the DLC. As I think about the possibility of DLC quite often, I have also thought about some specific things that I would like to see. More to the point, I have made a list of ten things I would like to have in the DLC:

  1. Corpse Desecration – so I can be like my BFF Dung Eater;
  2. First Person Mode – …and not just for my cuddle time with FIA;
  3. More Dungeons with Chariots – I actually don’t want this, terrible, wow, it’s not even funny as a joke;
  4. Item Location Randomizer – for subsequent playthroughs (yes, I am a filthy console player so no mods);
  5. Customizable/More Mounts – yeah I like Torrent, but maybe they could have a Nightrider Funeral Shroud?;
  6. More Underground Areas – I know there is a lot already, but there is more to explore;
  7. Vampirism and/or Lycanthropy – that can affect the Tarnished as welll;
  8. More Treasure Trails – à la the painting/artist scavenger hunts;
  9. Dyes – for clothing, weapons, etc;
  10. Manga – I would love to see some side story manga!

What do you want to see in the DLC?

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