Willy’s Wonderland… A Movie Review.

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It has been a while since I published a review of a movie, and for the sake of it I am going to stress just how much I loved this movie. Up front, this movie had me grinning ear to ear the entire damn time. This is rare for me to love a movie this much.

The official trailer for Willy’s Wonderland

So right off, lets get into the dirt of this movie. This is a comedic horror movie starring the one, and only, Nicholas Cage. And I have to say, it does not disappoint. Not in the least!

Breaking my tradition of spoilers, I am going to talk about this movie more than I would other movies because frankly, it deserves the context. Lets go.

If this poster doesn’t get you psyched up for this movie, then I don’t know what will!

You could by all rights, call this a live action Five Nights at Freddy’s. That is because this movie centers around a man played by Nicholas Cage, who gets conned into working at Willy’s Wonderland, a run down children’s themed restaurant where the animatronics have come to life. Obviously those animatronics are the bad guys, because, why else would it be themed this way.

This is why I love this movie, its just gritty and playful at the same time!

Only known as ‘The Janitor’ in the credits of this, Nicholas Cage is put into a situation to get his car fixed, he needs to survive the night, and what turns into an absolutely hilarious bloodbath of horrors for the animatronics, and not quite so much for ‘The Janitor’. To quote the movie “He’s not stuck in there with them, they, are stuck in there with him.”. This beautifully sets the tone for the absolute mayhem to follow.

Nicholas Cage delivers an amazing performance, and yet, he doesn’t speak a single word throughout the entire movie. I am not even joking, not a single word.

Gritty and beautiful.

From start to finish this movie is a wild ride, with lots of mini stories attached to it that explain why and how the animatronics have come to life. This movie is just well worth it.

And to date, the rotten tomatoes score for this movie have been great too, if you like those scores. I personally don’t base my movie choices off of those reviews, in fact, I don’t usually look at them. I discovered the score because I was telling a coworker about the movie, and he is the type of decide whether or not to watch a movie based off of rotten tomatoes / metacritic style reviews. But I digress.

Oh Willy, you creepy looking, yet absolutely amazing musical artist!

This movie is a fun movie and I highly recommend it to you guys. I won’t give it a score or rating because I feel this movie cannot be accurately rated on a scale. Its not that kind of movie, but you guys be the judge.

If you have not seen this yet, do add it to your list of movies to watch, and soon. It is simply great!

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