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Why’s the music gone?


So today when I logged out of my video game stream, I setup a music stream because, well, I was going to work.

Work has youtube blocked as well as other streaming sources, however my DLive works at work. So I had setup a music stream so that I could listen to music at work. This would be extra helpful on a day like this because the TV is not working at work today. This makes for a very long evening.

I tried to figure out why this had occurred, and as it turns out, my girlfriend came over and seen ‘big booty’ girls on the screen. Which apparently is what the youtube channel had on it for a picture. And she turned it off and is now accusing me of spying on the house.

Its wierd.

She’s wierd.

I just wanted to make sure I could listen to music while at work because I knew were were having technical issues with the TV and I didn’t want to be here in dead silence for 8 hours, waiting for things to do. (Spoiler Alert: My Job is Boring AF)

But I digress, I guess for next time I’ll turn off the monitors? If this is going to be an issue, but still, it shouldn’t be. And as such, it is very upsetting that I have a shitty evening ahead of me.

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