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Website Updates 4/19/2022

Out here working on some major projects!

Yes folks, as you may of guessed by the updates that have been appearing on all my socials, re-posting of older blogs and what-not. I have been busy. I am currently working on a complete revamp of the website that holds all of the SimmyDizzle media/socials/etc. This is also a site for my close friends to also blog and what-not. So to ease and make it more user-friendly for the viewer, and more powerful for myself and my friends. It has gone under the knife.

Lurr has nothing to do with this, but we love him just the same.

So what does all this mean for everyone, well, it means I am experimenting with new plugins for the base CMS (Content Management System). It means I am experimenting with new layouts, colour-tones, and style designs. It means I am putting in a lot of work into this website.

Since I am a video game streamer and so are a few of my friends who write here, we decided that we would work to embed our live streams directly into our individual blog posts. Our streams are who we are, and our blogs are an avenue to find us. So by mixing them together we hope to meet more fantastic people in our streams.

With that said, this is an on-going update for now and I (SimmyDizzle, aka LiveSimmy) am taking suggestions on my Facebook Page for improvements to this website. Layout designs, critiques, etc, if you have a suggestion for redesign, please let me know in the comments on the link to this blog post.

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