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I’ve been a Call of Duty player since the start of well, Call of Duty, I am OG. I have seen a plethora of perks throughout the history of all the COD titles. So why is it that WARZONE, arguably one of the most played games in the world. Does not take advantage of the history of perks.


I am going to list all the perks for Call of Duty: WARZONE, and what they do, then we are going to discuss all the other perks that arguably, should be in WARZONE.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) – Perks
Tier 1
Double TimeDouble the duration of tactical sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.
OverkillCarry two primary weapons.
ScavengerResupply ammo from dead players.
E.O.D.Take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines and C4.
Cold-BloodedUndetectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optic.
Quick FixKilling players, capturing objectives and holding objectives will increase your health regeneration rate.
Tier 2
RestockRecharge equipment over 30 seconds. stims recharge in 15.
HardlineYour killstreaks cost 1 less kill.
High AlertYour vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you.
GhostUndetectable by UAVs, Radar Drones, Heartbeat Sensors and High Alert. Hide the death markers of enemies you kill.
Kill ChainKillstreaks earned in your current life earn kill credit for other killstreaks.
PointmanChange your killstreaks into Scorestreaks.
Tier 3
Tune UpIncrease the charge rate of field upgrades by 40%.
AmpedFaster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed.
ShrapnelSpawn with extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration.
Battle HardenedReduce strength of enemy flash, stun and EMP effects. Immune to Snapshot Grenades.
SpotterSee enemy equipment, field upgrades and killstreaks through walls. Mark them for your team by looking at them while aiming down sights.
TrackerEnemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markers at enemy death locations.

Now that those are out of the way, lets get to discussion!

So there we have it, those are the Call of Duty: WARZONE perks. And honestly, there are a lot of perks from previous games that became ‘weapon perks’, (such as slight of hand, aka, faster reloading). But there are other perks in the history of call of duty, that would actively change the entire way, WARZONE is played.

Just some warzone Gameplay, why not?

So here is my list of of perks that I would love to see added to WARZONE. These are all perks from previous Call of Duty Titles.

Sonic BoomIncreases explosives damage by 25%, cancels out Juggernaut (E.O.D.)

So let us get this started with Sonic Boom. This perk allowed increased explosive damage, and it cancelled out Juggernaut, basically it meant you took normal damage if you had Juggernaut and if you didn’t, you took increased damage. In WARZONE, this would be EOD. This would be a game changer.

Deep ImpactExtra bullet damage when shooting through walls.

Deep Impact, shooting people through walls and surfaces when you can mount on surfaces for protection, this changes that protection a lot. Obviously the FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) weapon perk does similar to this. But this this was just a normal perk that could be equipped.

Steady AimIncreases hip-firing accuracy.

Steady Aim, for close quarters and even at a medium long range, this increases your accuracy with hip firing. Using something along the lines of this would greatly change how the game is played and add a new dynamic to how perks are chosen for sure.

MartyrdomDrop a live grenade after death.

Okay, Martyrdom was an absolutely crazy perk, on death, you would drop a live grenade. You know how people slide 2 seconds after they kill you in warzone through your loot? Well, if you have Martyrdom, that would instantly be a bad idea for people to do. This perk would force players to act a little more strategical when killing people, because, you know, what if.

Iron LungsLonger breath hold for sniper rifles.

I haven’t looked at weapon perks for sniper rifles, and hard-scoping is basically frowned upon by the COD community, but hey, this perk allowing you to hold your breath longer should really make its way back into COD. Building a sniper class is simply different in old-school call of duty titles compared to now with WARZONE.

Last StandPlayer pulls out a pistol before dying. Headshots, grenade explosions, knife stabs, shotgun blasts, sniper rifle one-hit-kills, killstreaks and other directly lethal attacks will cancel this out. Falling a great height will also render this useless.

Last Stand was always annoying, but hey, you kill me, I drop, I crawl around and shoot you with a pistol. I could still win before bleeding out. I’m down, but I’m not out. This is another perk that people would have to take account of when killing you, because people try to avoid thirsting as they want to lure team mates out… But what if this guy has last stand? Now he/she may be down, but they are just as dangerous.

EavesdropHear near by enemy’s voice chat.

This has to be one of my favourite perks from all of Call of Duty history, the ability to hear enemies game chat. Now with Discord/Teamspeak/etc, this can be countered out of game, but hey, if you are within a certain distance of the enemy, you can hear what they are saying? You can understand their strategy? I say this perk could be a gamble worth trying. It may not be super duper used, but the advantage it could create would change the dynamic and flow of battle!

FireproofDamage from fire done to the player is reduced to 55%.

Molotov’s are basically nerfed, they don’t really kill you unless it is a direct hit, but it never used to be that way, you caught fire and that was it, unless you were Fireproof. This would bring an unsung balance back to the game by making it feel more realistic, additionally it would allow devs to put the fire damage back to the normal level.

BlingAllows an extra attachment on your primary weapon.Allows an extra attachment to secondary weapon.

You know what is absolutely evil? Having a weapon with extra weapon attachments. Right now, you can equip 5 attachments per weapon, well, with this, you could equip 6. That may not sound like much, but you would see a lot of people change their entire loadouts because of this perk. Having an extra weapon attachment is damn near game breaking, but in a good way, as you would have to sacrifice another perk to gain this.

LightweightMove 7% faster.Reduces sprint-to-fire time by half.

Lightweight was a very annoying perk, when combined with that perk that gave infinite running, and now you were super fast running at that. Well, WARZONE doesn’t have infinite running, and rightfully so, but adding a faster movement perk, outside of double-time (Which lets you run further before slowing), this just makes all your movement faster. In a quad game, with a team all specialized differently, this would be a crazy advantage machine.

CommandoIncreased melee lunge distance.No falling damage.

Okay, Commando had the increased melee lunge distance, so finally I would understand why I died to a melee strike at distance. Of course the ‘no falling damage’ aspect of this perk would have to change, but the melee distance, that is one I can get behind, we all have that one friend who wants to build an assassin melee character, this would allow just that.

QuickdrawADS time reduced by half.Recover from equipment and grenade usage three times as fast.

Quickdraw is a very important perk in older call of duty titles, and while ADS speed is locked to weapons, having this as a perk could, and would change up the entire balance of the game. Imagine having to sacrifice restock to get quickdraw, or ghost, or cold-blooded. This would drive class development to a new level.

StalkerFull speed movement when ADS.2 second delay to enemy explosives

Stalker felt like a full on vicious attack system, by moving at full speed while ADS, you could simply decimate people, and by adding a 2 second delay to enemy explosives going off (claymores, c4, etc) near you, it gave you an extreme advantage if you paid attention to exactly what was happening around you.

ToughnessFlinch less when shot. 

Okay, toughness was a golden perk, you get shot, you flinch, with toughness, you flinched less, allowing you to maintain accuracy on target. Bringing this to WARZONE would absolutely change the class setups we see.

DexterityClimb ladders and mantle objects faster, aim faster after sprinting

Dexterity is just as it sounds, a great way to enhance mobility, you climb ladders faster, mantle faster, aim faster after sprinting. I mean, why are we not using this right now? Because it isn’t available in WARZONE, but it honestly, should be.

Amplify Enemy footsteps are louder

Amplify is the reason why I started this blog as it was a discussion I was having with former Facebook Gaming streamer, ViolentHippy (whom you should totally go check out btw, he streams over on twitch now.), it was part of the Awareness perk in Call of Duty: Ghosts, once you leveled up the perk high enough you got Amplify, which was your ability to hear footsteps louder. And this, would be a perfect counter to Dead Silence, as people who used the perk ‘ninja’, got their footsteps normalized, and people without it, had their footsteps even louder.

Gung-HoShoot and use equipment while sprinting.

Gung-Ho is simple, after running, you could shoot faster, and use equipment faster, there wasn’t as much as a delay as there were for other people.

Team LinkSee friendly teammates through walls and reveal a Fog of War circle around you and your teammates.

Finally, Team-Link allowed you to see friendly teammates outlined through walls. It was just helpful for locating your team, and depending your class setup and how your team plays, an absolute godsend.


Now that I have highlighted these perks, I want to explain my reasoning. Every player has their own, unique, style of how they play Call of Duty, but with the limited Perks from WARZONE, we simply don’t see diversity in classes. Now that the weapons have been pretty much balanced, and nobody can really figure out what the Meta is, thus, I call it Open Meta Season, it is time we address the unsung heroes of classes. Perks.

If every perk I suggested gets added to WARZONE, we would finally see class diversity. Most people run the following perks in WARZONE.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Double TimeRestockAmped
Quick FixHigh AlertTracker

The diversity is pretty slim. I typically run Quick Fix, Restock, and Amped.

Most streamers run the same perks, the first loadout they get contains Overkill so they can get both their weapons, then they get a second loadout for their perks. But primarily, these are the chosen perks and there isn’t much difference in them.

I can tell you this, if they added the perks I highlighted above as suggested perks, we would see a very large diversity of classes. We could build true sniper classes, that aren’t just a rifle, we could build assassin classes, team support classes, run and gun classes. This would be absolutely critical to extending the life and love of the game.

Imagine going up against someone now with their slide behavior that we see now, they kill you and slide through your loot a second later, but you had Martyrdom perk, now there is a live grenade, and they are dead. Or you get dropped but, you have last-stand, so you are able to pull out your pistol and shoot while crawling around.


Or you have that one friend who likes being sneaky so they gear up for sneaky business and have eavesdrop on, and can hear the comms of the team around them, so they know where and how they are hiding because they can literally hear what they are talking about.

Perks have basically been neglected by the Call of Duty developers and this is an opportunity for them to expand WARZONE by introducing counters to thing.

Back in the day, Stopping Power was a perk, and it was countered by another perk, normalizing the bullet damage if you had that perk. This doesn’t exist today, Stopping Power is basically a death sentence, but imagine if you had the right perk, stopping power, would do nothing and the advantage would be nobody, it would balance.

Obviously not every encounter will have someone with the exact counter to what perks you have, but that is the benefit of diversity. You get tired of dying to people with dead silence, you equip amplify. It is just that simple, now their footsteps are normal, and everyone else has louder footsteps.

I can just think of the class diversity between the full BR (Verdansk) and the mini BR, (Rebirth Island). I already run very different classes between the two maps. With additional perks to chose from, my classes would get even further apart from each other, in a very positive way.

My feelings for Call of Duty can only be surpassed by the anger I have for it… Its over 9000!

This is an opportunity for Call of Duty Developers to do something to the game that they simply have not done yet. Which is add new perks. They’ve tinkered with them, tweaking them for balance, but they haven’t even had to do much of that. A majority of the game has been weapon balancing, this could, and should be something they attack next, perks.

Because we are showing off our sweet WARZONE skills.

Lets hope that someone working on Call of Duty: WARZONE, reads this, and agrees. Lets get more perks going, lets change the nature of the game, and give customization a crazy new feel!

If you agree, or have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below, tweet at me (@livesimmy), or stop by my stream and let me know what you think!

Sorry not Sorry about the lack of proper formatting of the tables in this post.

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