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It has been a minute since I reviewed a movie, so lets start this off on the right foot. I’d like to introduce you to War, a Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff movie that simply does not dissappoint. This movie is intriguing because it tells quite the story. It leads you in a dozen different directions before bringing it home with a grand finale.

Yup, take my money. Its that good.

I have a tendancy to post vague reviews because I want people to go and see the movies, I just rate them out of 10 and say if it is good or bad, and I’ll do the same with this. If my introduction to this movie didn’t spell it out for you, its great. You should see it, throw on subtitles if you don’t speak Hindi, as it is in-fact, a hindi movie. Which if you’ve read my reviews, you know I have a love for them.

Yessir, I’ll have more of this.

This movie is great, it showcases two very good actors in an onslaught from start to finish that has you questioning what is happening along the way. But its not just some ‘rage filled war movie’ no no, there is heart here. Genuine heart and it is worth taking the time to understand the premise of this movie. Because by the end, you’ll have experienced your feelings going in a few directions.

Super action packed awesomeness!


So what will I rate this movie? Well, a solid 10/10 to be honest. I know people who watch it will say its not a 10/10 movie, but those people need to understand just how amazing this story is, and they simply haven’t seen the story through my eyes. If you’re a fan of Hrithik Roshan, like I am, you will get this movie and you’ll love it just as much as I do. This movie also introduced me to Tiger Shroff, I have never seen anything with him before and I am glad I was introduced to this fine gentleman, because he is a treat.

The dance numbers in this movie are solid as well, and the songs have made my playlist, all around this movie is great. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch this on there. And I recommend you do, it is delicious.

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