Upcoming Stream! Monday December 9th 2019! #Giveaway included!

Okay, Okay, I am a junior streamer, it happens to be that on the 9th of December I am going to do a stream giveaway!

That’s correct! I am going to be giving away steam-keys throughout my broadcast to those watching!

My stream should kick off around 1130-1200 Eastern Standard Time, I don’t know what titles I will be giving away, but I do know that if I reach 50 followers, I will giveaway a 50 dollar gift card to one very lucky follower!! The draw for the 50 dollar gift card will be on the 15th of December and will be announced on twitter. Why the delay? Because if I do not hit 50 followers on the 9th, I will leave a little bit of extra time for followers to hit me up. If I hit the 50 followers on the 9th, I’ll do the draw, but I’ll still announce it on the 15th. Its a big deal.

Rules as follows: must be watching and following the stream to be entered for each keycode giveaway, and the 50 dollar gift card as well, so if you’re following but not watching at the time, you won’t be entered into the draw.

I’ll be streaming from this rig!

I know I am new to streaming, but I wanted to announce it here on my blog, as it will also go out on my twitter, and tumblr, and pintrest, etc, you get the picture. I wanted to give enough people time to understand exactly what is happening.

Not only will I be streaming and doing a giveaway, but I will also be chilling with my good friend Apache N4Sir (That is right, the Halo 2 Legend himself). We are going to be rocking the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, most likely on Hardcore, and most likely in Kill Confirmed!


Aside from the giveaway, I’d like to invite everyone to my stream, pop in, say hi, send emotes, etc. My setup doesn’t allow me (yet) to have sound-effects from my PC pop up on me so if you send me ‘lemons’ or something I won’t hear/see the notification, but it will pop up on the actual stream and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I usually check between matches.

I also am a fan of supporting other start-up streamers, so if you’re also new to streaming, if you send me a follow, I will follow you back. I am notorious for following people on stream. ViolentHippy gets a lot of my time when he is online, so does the Boomer himself. I am happy to support other streamers. So if you are new, please feel free to drop by, #SupportEachOther is real.

The new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

We will be playing on our XBox One X’s, I’ll be rocking my Elite series 2 controller, and it will be fun. I am excited to announce the stream like this. And I intend to announce further streams through this medium, at least streams that will have Giveaways and what-not associated with them.

So everyone is welcome, I am not PG13, but I hope you will be in the chat, make my life a little easier moving forward.


Moving forward I would also like to announce that I will be doing larger giveaways in the 2020 timeframe. I have intent to giveaway some pretty nice products when and where I can. It is all dependant upon how many followers I get and if I can hit that affiliate status with DLive!

If you wanna check me out, please feel free to hit me up on Dlive. That is http://www.dlive.tv/simmydizzle. I swear it’ll be solid!