Unapologetically in love with WARFRAME.

This is an open love letter to the game WARFRAME. Of which I have been dedicating most of my non-streaming time to playing. That is right, when I’m not streaming, I’ve been playing WARFRAME!

I started playing WARFRAME years ago, but quickly abandoned it because none of my friends played it. It was DOA for me for that fact. It took years for my friends to take notice of WARFRAME but by then, I was playing other games.

Recently I started playing WARFRAME again, but this time, with my son. See, my eldest son is a teenager and this game is just perfect for him and I to grind through together. We both love the concept of Space Ninja’s! And if there is ever a game to embody that of Space Ninja’s, it is WARFRAME.

Over the years the developers of WARFRAME have continued to pump a serious amount of content into this game, and the amount of time I had spent playing it was limited, so essentially, it is like a whole new, amazing game for me.

I am playing on the Xbox Series X, which is just a beast of a console, and my son is playing on his Xbox Series S, which is also a beast of a console. And we are truly enjoying our time together playing this fantastic Space Ninja Looter Shooter game.


So what is WARFRAME? WARFRAME is a cooperative free-to-play third person online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. That is the official statement about what WARFRAME is. But to me, it is Space Ninja’s.

The customization of every character in this game is amazing, there is so much detail that you can customize that it gives your character a true sense of ‘you’. If you want to be bright and beautiful, you can, or if you want to be dark and dreary, you can be that too.

Throughout the game you can unlock new colour palettes in which to use to colourize your character, and their weapons, even their pet should you get a pet (which I highly recommend you do).

Once you are done spending literally hours playing with the colours like I did, you’ll find yourself deep in the item mod system, which is a whole other level of customization. There is no ‘perfect’ balance for what mods to equip on your equipment, only what works best for how you, yourself, play. Are you a melee player? Medium Ranged? Sniper? Or do you want to focus on using your Tenno’s powers (yes, super powers are a thing). Well, the mods are designed to cater to exact this, even your pet gets mods, and your pets weapons get mods, and your mods can effect your pet, and vice versa.

This is why I say the customization in WARFRAME is intense and there is no ‘right’ way to customize your character.

As I explore this game further I look to my son to and see the joy in his face as we play together. This has brought father and son together more, and it is a wonderful thing. Bonding during 2020/2021 during COVID has been hard. We haven’t been able to do most of our regular things outside, and what outside interactions we have had, are limited. Gaming has brought us closer together. So WARFRAME now holds an extra special space in my heart.

I’d like to thank the WARFRAME developers for that, as this game came back into our lives at just the right time. It was a perfect fit for us and it has given us countless hours of joy.