Top 10 Coronavirus Memes

I don’t know if you are aware, but there is a small outbreak of coronavirus going on in China right now.

I know there is a good chance that it is just being blown out of proportion (lol, maybe) and that it will be quickly resolved, but a lot of people are thinking that this little disease flare-up is going to be the next big reckoning for humanity.

There is another group; however, who are intent on finding humour in even the most darkest of scenarios, and they have made a good deal of memes on the subject at hand. I humbly ask you to indulge your darkside and take a look at some of my favrioutes (so far!):

10. “Coronavirus Chan”

Here is an unofficial “mascot” for the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, I think she’s pretty neat and I like her. If the “chan” part doesn’t make sense, you probably don’t spend too much time on the “wrong” part of the internet, but here’s a primer for you. The bottle of Corona also seems to be playing a big part in the whole meme-fest, and you may want to check this out to remind yourself how the rest of humanity is researching the epidemic.

9. No-Issue Introverts

Hopefully you have a freezer full of tendies and a pallet of Monster to tide you over the ensuing pandemic and global apocalypse introverts!

8. Angry Coronavirus-Chan

I told you I liked her. Is this a good time to listen to some Drowning Pool?

7. China getting in on the fun

Many Bothans died to bring us this meme (from China).

6. Sexy CoronavirusChan

Yeah, I know.

5. Rick & Morty

Plague Doctors are a big part of the “modern” plague memes that are really proliferating.

4. “Corona” virus

I know Corona bottles are small, but microscopic? Yeah probably.

3. The Bat Lady

Ha-ha! Just another Coronvirus-Chan, but seriously, apparently the virus may have jumped from animals to humans via the consumption of bats, like this lady who was vilified in the news.

2. Let’s Play Pandemic

There are tonnes of variations on this one, but they all link back to Pandemic-style games and their video-game descendants.

1. I’m in danger

I like this one most because it is true!

That’s my list! I hope you hated it!