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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Hype!


First and foremost I am a huge lover of First Person Shooter Games. But time after time I have been simply let down by them. Take a look at Call of Duty for a moment. You shoot someone in the head, they turn around, and one shot you, and you die. Yet you were shooting them, in the head. This is a problem that plagues Call of Duty, every single title. But we have a new hope on the horizon for the typical ‘arena’ shooter. And that is XDefiant!

XDefiant looks pretty!

What is Tom Clancy’s XDefiant? Well it is an arena shooter, containing multiple game modes, but the staple of it is that it has the Rainbow Six gunplay mechanics, which means, a headshot is a headshot. Let me tell you that is a very awesome thing, after playing Call of Duty for years, and having to put it onto ‘Hardcore’ mode just to get a small level of realism and to even the odds has been rough.

XDefiant is the first of its kind from the developers of Tom Clancy games. It is the first fast paced, shooter, adhering to the Gun Play mechanics of your typical Rainbow Six Game. And that is great.

There has already been a beta test for the game (August 5th), but here is the link to register for up-coming beta’s. I for one registered for the Xbox Series X beta. And I am hoping to get an invite to it. With that said, I did receive the PC invite and I did participate in the PC Closed Beta. It is under a NDA and I cannot speak about what was in the beta. But what I can say, is it is amazing and I am REALLY excited for it to come out.


So this game is supposed to follow the Free to Play model, as I would expect this game will function on Battle Passes sorta like WARZONE does. (Also Rainbow Six Siege now has a Battle Pass).

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Reveal Trailer

It should come as no surprise that they would make this move as the Free to Play model with a Battle Pass has proven to be quite lucrative to game developers, in some cases, more than actually selling the games themselves.

But I digress, lets talk more about how the game functions.

XDefiant — I feel it in my bones.

It has a beautiful class system that is based off of the Tom Clancy Universe, which is exciting. Running around as the ‘cleaners’ with flame throwers? Yes please! (Division bad guys). There are currently 4 classes associated with XDefiant from the universe of Tom Clancy titles.


Oh heck yeah! The Cleaners!
Gamerant has a great article about XDefiant here.

Obviously this is going to be a serious game changer for a lot of fans of the Arena Shooter Genre. And while not much has been announced other than some game modes and the classes, and the customization of the guns, and gunplay mechanics. It stands to reason that the developers will look to a Battle Royale eventually. I’m calling it now, this game will have a Battle Royale within a year of its official release date. I didn’t come to that conclusion lightly, its just people want a Battle Royale with the mechanics of Rainbow Six: Siege, and this game engine would be the most likely scenario to support it.

It is only a prediction at this point in time, but if XDefiant drops a Battle Royale we will see a complete exodus from WARZONE which has been marred with bugs, glitches, hackers, and overall toxicity. I would love nothing more for XDefiant to drop a Battle Royale after a year of stress testing their Arena. As this game is built in the Snowdrop engine, and is the first FPS being built in Snowdrop, that tells me that they have large expectations for this game.

I hope to see everyone playing XDefiant when it releases. My body is ready, I hope yours is too.

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