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Time Commando sounds like a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the early 1990’s. And it wouldn’t be too far off if it was indeed a movie. This was an action packed game that just kept me super duper entertained.

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Welcome to Time Commando, a game developed by Adeline Software and has probably been long forgotten for a lot of people. But not me! This game was a title I bought from the store Office Place, which is now known as Staples. They had a marginally small gaming section and this game was there, I had a PC that could barely run it at the time, but hey, that Compaq Presario, Pentium 90 chugged that game hard.


The story centers around the HTA (Historical Tactical Center), the military, with the help of a private corporation that has created a computer capable of simulating any form of combat from any point in history. However, a programmer from a rival corporation infects the system with a “Predator Virus” that creates a time-distortion vortex which if not destroyed, will swallow the world.

As the player (Stanley Opar), a S.A.V.E. (Special Action for Virus Elimination) operative at the facility who enters the vortex to try and stop the virus. This is where the game takes place, sending you through time through numerous periods of time. These eras are Prehistoric (ft. cavemensaber tooth tigers, and cave bears), Roman EmpireFeudal JapanMedievalConquistadorWild West, Modern Wars (World War I and supposedly World War III), Stanley’s Time, and finally, inside the main computer, this ends in a battle with the virus itself.


The gameplay was complicated initially on PC, I remember having a hell of a time getting used to the gameplay and dying a lot simply to it being an overly complicated setup. Of course, I was young and home computers were still relatively new to me, and maybe that played a part in why it was so difficult.

PS1 gameplay – I had it on PC as at that time, I did not have a PS1.

Either way, I struggled through Stanley’s story from start to finish, with many of deaths to Cave Bears, and simply not being able to jump to save my life, like, at all. But it was a fun adventure, a great story, and has become a game from my childhood that I wish they would remake today, keep the story, and a similar series of gameplay mechanics, but obviously better. I’d love to see this start presented with todays technology as this story deserves it. It was quite an amazing ride.


In the end this game occupies a large part of my early teen memories, I spent hours trying to beat this game, and as my memory serves, I enjoyed every minute of it, begrudgingly working through the keyboard controls, but I enjoyed it.

This game deserves a remake/remaster in a post 2021 world and I would love to see it get that opportunity. A whole new generation of youth could take this game and enjoy the story, the same way I did.

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