The Predator… A movie review.

It looks fancy, it sounds fancy, but is it fancy?

The predator movie, which I recently enjoyed on a West Jet flight back home caught me off guard. And although the movie was decent, I found it lacking in th same suspense that you’d expect from a predator movie.

Now this isn’t to say that that movie is bad, far from it. I feel that if this movie had of been done with another alien protagonist it would of thrived independently, however utilizing the hallmark alien known as the Predator left it lacking. The story was ambitious and the thought behind it was driven, but there was simply missing story, missing, suspense. It needed more suspense. I could say it a thousand times.

Just the predator doing predatory things, nothing special.

I don’t like spoilers so I won’t go into it in depth, but the premise of a child with Asperger’s being able to figure out th Predators language and to be hunted by the Predator to help create the next evolution of their species was a gamble for sure, and not a good one. It left the movie lacking, especially at the end..

I give this movie 2 polished skulls out of 10.

Creators of movies need to not kill movie franchises. They need to propel them forward. This was simply bad, for all the right reasons and good for all the wrong ones. They got so much right but it was simply overshadowed by what they got wrong. Better luck next time Hollywood.

Boyd Holbrook, or as I like to call him Charlie Hunnam 0.5, because its not as great as Charlie 😛

Boyd Holbrook does a great job carrying the lead role and protagonist and his voice and whole demeaner is reminiscint of Charlie Hunnam‘s character Jax from Sons of Anarchy, which, if you are going to watch something, I recommend that over The Predator any day of the week.

In closing, if you are dead-set on watching The Predator (2018), my recommendation is to go into it with an open mind, it is an all around great cast of characters, with pretty decent acting, where it faults out I’ve already explained. You be the judge. But I am confident that I am not wrong.