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The latest gaming rig…


My latest rig setup is all but complete.

I ran a test stream and I am waiting for it to download from I sucked. But it is a work in progress. I haven’t slept properly as I just worked a night shift so my body and mind just aren’t with it today.

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Here is the test stream here.

However it is awesome to see the rig up and running.

My new monitor is awesome. I was able to stream from my Xbox to my computer without the use of the Elgato, which I am very happy about. Now all I have to do is get my microphone squared away for streaming and I should be good.


My discord is up an running, setup should be good to go. Obviously there is still some work yet to come, but ultimately I feel like I am ready to make this part of my daily routine in some capacity. Streaming, programming, etc, my setup is ready for it all.

Still messy, but progressing.

Hours of work has gone into this, years of building and planning, my crew and I are about to start streaming very soon on a very regular basis. SimmyDizzle and Friends will be showcasing all of it if possible, and we will be repping the SFLCNetwork banner.

Our video’s will all be available over on the SFLC YouTube after we are done streaming. I ask that you give us a like, follow, subscribe, etc, ya know the standard internet bs to help us build up.

I see this as an opportunity to change my life, I am building websites, streaming, and having fun. This is what life is supposed to be about, not a 40 hour work week grind where you hate everything and don’t get to see your loved ones. My dream is to do this full time, I’m probably not the most entertaining yet, but give me time, my streams so far have all been tests to check out my gear to ensure it is all working properly. Work out kinks, no not the BDSM ones, those can stay. It has been all about building towards this future, a future of gaming and fun, and time with my family. But I digress, I got off point here.


The series 2 elite controller

All that I truly need now is a green screen for production value and a better microphone. But those aren’t requirements. My body is ready to take off!

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