The Evil Dead (1981)… A Movie Review.

Things are about to get Groovy! Back in the Day, Sam Raimi was the director of what could be called, the scariest movie of its time. Rightfully so, as this movie hit all the creepy vibes and used the best animations of the time.

Back in the day, Bruce Campbell, was the man you wanted to see holding a shotgun while camping out, this movie spawned two additional movies before it died out. Then a remake happened, and a TV series. But we aren’t talking about those, we are talking about the OG. The Evil Dead.

Official Trailer for the OG, The Evil Dead.

This was my first real horror movie, I was at a friends house, they had it on a VHS tape, and we watched it. I was beyond creeped out and that is when I learned that I liked to be a little creeped out.

A bunch of horny teenagers go to a cabin in the forest, and unleash the demonic forces trapped within the book of the dead, the Necronomicon. This leads to a series of really bad events and Ash (Bruce Campbell) is forced to kill his now possessed by demonic forces friends, including his girlfriend.


Ash has forever been known as the mans man of horror movie heroes because of the movie Army of the Dead, but honestly, this is where that started and this sets up a beautiful movie, from start, all the way to the finish.

You just can’t repel beauty like this.

For the time, the graphics were amazing, the makeup was a little crappy, but all in all, it was a great little horror film.

This is one of the few movies that I give a true 10/10 rating. And no, not for nostalgia, but for the fact that this movie just hit all the right marks for a great horror movie. And for the time, it truly was a horror movie. I am sure that by todays standards this wouldn’t be considered a good horror movie, this generation grew up with SAW and Hostel, movies that I call Gore Porn because that is what they are. But no, The Evil Dead was simply an amazing horror movie for its time. And I am lucky to of grown up with Ash as my hero.

Bruce Campbell, if you’re reading this. I got nothing but love for you. Thank you for making my childhood extra special by being the Groovy Hero you are!

A song dedicated to Bruce Campbell!