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Happy Thanksgiving from Canada Eh!

Turkey dinner

Everything from scratch. Cranberries, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato mashed.

This is what the dinner should be like. Delicious and beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from my family to yours.

Homemade stuffing
Sweet potato mash
Regular mashed potatoes
A nice white wine

I am forever thankful for my two happy and healthy children, for my wonderful career, for the woman whom holds my heart, for the patience she has with me. And most importantly.. I am thankful for fast cars. #InsertFastAndFuriousMusicHere

Joking aside, turkey dinner is a staple of Thanksgiving, and I am happy to partake in it every year. And I am blessed to say that I can. As I know many out there cannot. I am grateful.

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