Tandoori Chicken

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When it comes to dinner time, I like to think my favourite food is chicken, of any sort. But as of late I have really come around to tandoori chicken.

Tandoori chicken is simply what I love to cook when it comes to chicken. It used to always be BBQ chicken, but now, now it’s all tandoori.

What you’ll need for this recipe.

  • Chicken drumsticks – 8-12
  • Tandoori masala – as much as it takes
  • Garlic – 2-3 small cloves
  • Ginger – a small nub (not too much)
  • Cilantro – half a bunch
  • Tomato – x1
  • Salt – to taste (use what you personally need)
  • Tumeric – half a teaspoon
  • Green pepper – 1 whole
  • Onion – 1 whole
  • Thai chili peppers – as many as you need
  • Crushed chili flakes – 1 tablespoon
  • Curry – 2 tablespoons

This recipe takes about 45 minutes in the over, prep time is about 15 minutes. Make sure you preheat to 375. Some ovens don’t hit the right temperature so make sure the chicken is thawed before cooking, and keep an eye on it as you may need to remove it.

I will always recommend taking the chicken out half way and rotating them in the container you’re cooking them in. For me, I use Corning Ware. But rotating half way is a good indication if your chicken will be done on time.

Let’s begin…

Chicken, remove the skin to begin!
Slice the chicken a few times, let the tandoori seep deep into it. Trust me, this is KEY to a good tandoori chicken.
The hell is this? Tomato? You’re a wild man!
Chop that tomato up!
Green pepper? Now I know you’re joking!
Chop that bad-boy up!!
A bunch of cilantro…
Chop the cilantro up too! It deserves to be chopped!!
Onions have layers!! I have layers!! I am an onion!
Chop that onion up!
Now we get to the fun part. Depending your spice tolerance, chose a few Thai chili peppers of your liking. Unlike spicy things, so I use lots.
Chop them up too boo!!
Make sure you have chili peppers, tandoori masala, salt, curry, and a little bit of tumeric (literally a little bit. Tumeric makes things bitter so don’t put too much in)
Add all your veggies to the chicken. Sprinkle some olive oil on your veggies/chicken.
Now add your spices. This might look like a lot, but once it’s mixed, you’ll probably want to add more, especially the tandoori masala. But sparing at first. But be ready to add more, even after cooking has started.
Mix it all together with your hands… Yes they will turn red so if you want, use gloves. As you’re handling raw chicken, make sure you wash up appropriately.
After cooking at 375 for 45 minutes in the oven, your tandoori chicken should look like this. I like my tandoori chicken saucy so I can add more sauce to my chicken, or on my sides.
Plate and enjoy.

Chicken is meant to be eaten IMHO, but if you’re a vegan, or vegetarian, you can use this recipe on tofu or some other veggie based food and enjoy a nice flavourful tandoori experience. But it’s best on chicken.

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