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Stream is now live: May 18, 2020 at 10:06AM – Now Streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



I stream primarily on Twitch.TV, follow me for more great content! Check out my links below!

I am currently playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right here: SimmyDizzle

About Me!

I am SimmyDizzle (also known as LiveSimmy on the socials), a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, and streamer when I can be! I play a variety of games, mainly First Person Shooters, however you will see me from time to time playing something a little different. I am the founder, and member, of the No Pants Crew (NPC), feel free to join our discord. I am a fitness enthusiast, I love to lift heavy weights. Furthermore, I love riding my bicycle, which I do daily to and from work. Who knows, I may stream some fitness stuff along the way. Finally, I am a proud father of two amazing boys, as such, they always come first. Before me, before the stream, if I’m not streaming, I am probably hanging out with my kids or at work! If I am gaming with my kids, you’ll find me playing Minecraft or the Lego games. MiniSimmy1 and MiniSimmy2.


SimmyDizzle I make little bytes as well, check them out!


SimmyDizzle My gaming Instagram is also available.


SimmyDizzleFollow my twitter for lots of really random content! I promise you, it’ll be a blast!


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