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I feel it is time to speak a little more about the new Modern Warfare game, as I have had more time to invest in it, and there has been a lot of problems addressed since launch.

I’d like to say its great, and it is, better than I thought it could be. I am excited by the fixes and the updates, the patch notes and hotfixes they push out are great. It would seem that they are taking this COD seriously. With the previous call of duty (Black Ops 4) there were plenty of issues and I felt that it simply did not address them quick enough.

So lets get down to it, how is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), well, its just plainly great. It has a short single player, which is fine, think of it as a ‘how to play’ to warm you up for all the sweet multiplayer action.

The multiplayer is mint, they really did a good job of it, and if the rumours are true that they will be releasing a Battle Royale mode, then I must say, my body is ready.


And finally to touch on the co-op, the spec-op missions are a blast, well thought out, difficult, yet fun. You most certainly want to take friends along the journey with you when you play spec-ops, put on a headset and go. I have had an absolute blast rocking it.

No commentary video, pure gameplay. Check it out if you haven’t played it yet.

So what are the CON’s of this game, well, it is another COD title, a re-telling of one of the best Call of Duty titles that there is. It has a lot of great features such as crossplay, which if you are afraid of keyboard mouse players on PC, you should turn it off. As a console player, I am up for the challenge, and I often get rocked, but I am not as competative as I once was, so I don’t mind being the worst player. However to get back to it, the downsides of this title is that there simply are not enough multiplayer maps, as always, this is the crux of most multiplayer games, not enough maps, too many people can memorize little cheap spots and they go and hide. Which is fine, I am not about to complain about campers, because camping only works against people who are not creative enough to figure out how to defeat it. Running and gunning is not a well thought out tactic, and if you want to take out a camper, you have to think outside the box.

All in all, as time goes on, and new maps are released, we should see a massive change to the overall way people play the game, new strategies get made, I also hope they do some fun things with existing maps. Like, on load into an already existing map, it moves things, or blocks off a room where campers or people would normally go, changing the map slightly like that, per instance, could truly define a change that would ensure unique gameplay. However I doubt they will do that, but it would be nice to see, random changes on the maps so that the scope of the map is different each time you play it, at least in one spot or another.

Hit me up on DLive when I am streaming.

But I digress, all in all, the state of the game is it is doing well, 90% of the streamers I watch are playing it, when I play video games myself, it is primarily what I play.

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