Splitgate Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cross Halo Multiplayer, with valves classic game Portal in some sort of Arena Deathmatch of super spiciness? Me either, but apparently the guys and 1047 games did. Meet Splitgate!

Splitgate is available on Xbox, Playstation, and Steam!

Now I’ve given this game some serious love, and I’d like to say, I am quite impressed with just how well this team of like, 6 developers, put this together. And yes, you read that right, 6 developers (but they are growing, aka, hiring).


@splitgate is badass and super fun!

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I couldn’t help myself, I gave called it Badass.

I’ve been truly enjoying this game and I have to say, it is making it to my stream roster. It will be streamed. It is a great game. Exciting and beautiful. There are a series of game modes within this lovely game that define how fun it is.

No word of a lie, this game tracks how many times you teabag people, it is a frikken stat in the game. That just goes to show that the developers have a sense of humour and are genuinely gamers. But more important than the teabag stat (which is pretty big if you ask me), they have not one, but two, anticheat systems built into their game. This game, with a small dev team, has more anticheats that WARZONE, which is currently, 0 as of the writing of this blog.

The developers of Splitgate have also been amazingly transparent and their Tiktok is filled with Q&A and more!


Will Splitgate get a Singleplayer mode or a story? #splitgate #campaign #dev #qanda #gaming

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Transparency is key!
Understanding SBMM?
Sometimes, the portals are just pure magic!

1047 Games thanks YOU for all your love and support! ❤ #splitgate #splitgatebeta #dev #thankyou #gaming #tiktokgaming

♬ original sound – Splitgate
Love and Support folks!

So what makes this game so hype other than a bunch of streamers playing it as an alternative to CHEATzone? Well, the answer is the gameplay mechanics of this game are just that fun. You control two portals, in fact, you must use two portals to sneakily destroy your enemies. You can open two sides of a gate, just like in the game portal, and traverse the map. Giving rise to a whole new level of gameplay, including ways to get behind your enemy, or just to shoot your enemy in creative new ways.

Imagine, putting a portal on a ceiling in a popular spot for snipers, then opening a portal on the other side of the map, said sniper goes to his perch, but you shoot him through the portal you placed in the ceiling, from across the map, in a position you otherwise couldn’t see. That my friend, is the power, and fun, of Splitgate.

Pew pew!

This game comes with ranked gameplay as well, and while this is a beta game, it has a ranked mode. People have been begging WARZONE devs for a ranked mode, and to trash their SBMM, this game, doesn’t use a traditional SBMM, it is far more ‘loose’, but you won’t have a pro player in a lobby with a day one newbie either. It has your normal casual gameplay, and your ranked gameplay. It has a battle-pass system (for the beta you don’t need to buy anything, everyone has battle-pass with it, assuming so they can test their system). But there are exclusive skins in the game, that you do have to buy with real world money.

Further to all that, everyone starts with the exact same equipment, meaning, everyone is balanced. In casual mode, you start with an assault rifle, and a carbine. In ranked you start with a Carbine(or assault rifle, I actually forget) and a pistol. Unless you are in a match like ‘team shotty snipers’, which as per the name, gives you a shotgun and a sniper rifle.

How about a full bout?

With the variations of game modes in this wonderful game, it really makes you wonder why big named developers can’t do what a team of 6 developers are doing. Why literally thousands of developers have taken their shot at WARZONE across Activisions many studios, yet they cannot get the simple things right, but a team of 6 people, gets this game, so perfectly fun and balanced.

Seriously, Splitgate is doing things for me that no shooter has done since OG Halo2 multiplayer did for me.

Splitgate on console now!

If you have not had the chance to try out this fantastic game, hit up your preferred game store on whatever platform you are on, and download it. Unless your platform doesn’t have it, then move to a platform that does. It is worth it.