Someone stole my bike light!

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So a few months back, I bought a nice 1200 lumen bike light as I like to bike to work. I haven’t ridden my bike though in about a week because its been raining alot and I don’t have the proper gear to ride in the rain.

Last night as I was leaving my house to go pick up some cold meds because I am sick as dog. I noticed that my front light was missing. This is a HUGE issue for me as when I have to report to work, it is super dark out. Being this dark is a problem for me riding as I do not ride on city streets, I ride on bike paths that exist all around Victoria British Columbia.

I often ride on what is called the Galloping Goose Trail.

Galloping Goose Trail

This trail is over 55km long, and spans throughout Victoria BC, all the way to Sooke BC, which is no short distance.


Now I ride on this trail because it is safer than taking city streets, now Victoria has a great love for bike paths, and they are everywhere and on almost every street. But that does not make it safe for cyclists. There are bad drivers out there, and there are bad cyclists out there that give us good ones a bad name.

I won’t ride without my light, however, for instance, I almost hit a cyclist the other day because he was riding a black bike, wore black clothes, didn’t have a light on his bike, and it was dark out. This man almost died because he chose to not follow any of the city bylaws, which include having lights on your bike. And considering where he lives, I know exactly where he works, which has even more rules for cyclists. (He lives on a military base, and the base has strict rules about cyclists and lights)

But I digress, the overall point here is there without the light, I won’t ride; my safety is paramount. But it sucks that someone stole my light. I don’t think it was an adult though. My neighbors have kids and they are always in my yard, especially when I am not home. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the children took my light. Because if it was an adult, they would of just stolen the whole bike. It wasn’t locked up (it is now).

Point of fact, I don’t want to replace the light, its the principal of it, I don’t want to have to replace someone that I just bought, because someone, most likely a child, thought it was a toy and took it. If it was an adult, they were dumb for not talking the part that attaches it to the bike. Its not screwed on or anything, its meant to come off for charging.


So as I sit here on amazon again, looking at this light, I cannot help but wonder if if took a stroll around the neighborhood if I would find it just sitting in a field. Wouldn’t that be nice? It is only 30 dollars, but I don’t want to spend it again. I want to ride my bicycle, but without it, I cannot. It is a issue for me and one that I will have to eventually address if I ever have to ride my bike for any reason whatsoever..

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