I haven’t talked about myself in a while, unless you talked to me recently, then you’ve probably heard me talking about myself. Not sure why, but I do. A lot.

This is the photo that I use for literally everything.

Lets talk about me more!

Well everyone, I am about 39 years old now, have been for a few days to say the least, and I gotta say, life is outstandingly awesome. I am always adapting and working to overcome life’s wonderful challenges.

I should be an operator within WARZONE.

Truth be told I am a father, twice divorced, a boyfriend, a dedicated analyst, and an amateur streamer. I have spent a majority of my life fighting an uphill battle against myself. I strive to outdo everything I have done in the past. No matter how good I can be at something, it is not good enough for me.

It is that challenge to myself that drives me to be better, and better at everything I do. If I set my mind on it, I succeed, I push beyond, I go Plus Ultra on it. I think this is probably the a wonderful trait in me, but it is also the reason why I can be annoying. Because I am competitive with everyone, and everything. I strive to simply be better. If you are better than me, my life goal becomes to outshine you. But that isn’t a slight against you, it is against me, so don’t read into it the wrong way. I see you being better as me being a failure for not trying as hard as I could.


Its this mentality that drives me forward in every aspect of my life. Some people think this is a bad trait, some think it is a good trait. Some are indifferent. Personally I like that I want to be better than everyone, and I do everything I can to be just that, better. But it isn’t an ego thing, I never hold it over people when I actually do become better. Far from it. I just find the next goal to aim for. And I strive for it. With all that I am.


How does this effect my kids? Well, I don’t hold them to the same standard that I hold myself. They are kids, and I let kids be kids. I hope that they take away an at least an aspect of this, seeing me strive to be better, I hope it rubs off on them to be better. And I know in most cases my children resonate with me and do just that, strive to be better.

It is one of the most amazing things I have seen is how my children are constantly trying to be better at everything they do. That kind of drive took me years to develop, and frankly, I was an adult when I became this way. My children want to do better, and strive to do better. I firmly believe it is because I push myself and they see it, as a result, they try to embody that element of me. Which is pretty rad.


What about my divorces? Well, I’m not going to go there. I will just say this, if I could do it all again, I wouldn’t. I don’t want to get into who did what, or why the divorces happened. Honestly that is just my business and nobody else’s.

But I digress.

My girlfriend and I.

I’ve moved on with my life, I have an amazing girlfriend and the world is a bright place. She pushes me to constantly be better, to adapt. She sees my failings and encourages me to overcome. When I just cannot push myself further she finds a way to help me push through it. I am blessed to say the least, and I am super lucky on top of that. But I feel as if I am seriously off topic as this whole post was supposed to be about where my stream is heading.


When I hit 1000 followers on my Facebook page (July 10th 2021) I realized that I had to make serious changes to my streaming schedule, I had to make a decision as to what I was goin’ to do for the future. And that is when I started planning a proper stream schedule. Unfortunately I am restricted due to my actual work schedule. It interferes with my stream schedule. But that doesn’t mean I cannot start working on the schedule. So that is exactly what I have decided to work towards. And this is what I have come up with so far!

TikTokMonday – 1700hrsClip Content (from my streams)
StreamTuesday – 0900hrs – 1400hrsLive Stream – Hours subject to change due to work schedule (Shooter games)
StreamWednesday – 0900hrs – 1400hrs Live Stream – Hours subject to change due to work schedule (Shooter Games)
StreamThursday – 1000 – 1400hrs Live Stream – Hours subject to change due to work schedule (Story Games)
Blog Friday – 0600hrs Random content that I write about (weekly)
The schedule I am working towards

As you can see by this lovely table I laid out, I have a working idea of how I want to proceed with creating content. I’m going to break it all down here for you.


I want to have my scheduled TikTok content put to one day of the week. I love TikTok. But I honestly don’t have the time with my work schedule to push more content on a regular basis. This will rely on people making clips or me hitting the magic ‘clip’ button on my Elgato StreamDeck. But I digress, there will be unique to TikTok videos being published, because, well, I will find a way to do it. But I want to at least establish a scheduled post. I want more regular content on TikTok.

Facebook Stream

Currently I stream to Facebook. And I absolutely love it, I truly do. But I cannot stream every single day, I am, as stated above, a father. So I have to base my stream schedule around my work schedule, and parent schedule. My children will always come first. But that doesn’t mean I cannot plan some things out.

Currently I have planned 2 Shooter Games per week, this is because I play with friends, and I can safely have them play with me 2 days a week. Most likely it’ll be WARZONE. Of course, it could be any number of other multiplayer shooter games. But I digress. This is what I’d love to be doing with my friends.


Now I have one story day planned. This is a single player game, a JRPG most likely as they are my favourite type of game. As this would consist of me doing a playthrough of the game. This is simply to explore new games and engage with the community. Whom I absolutely adore.

The times for these streams are all located in the morning currently, however it is safe to note that these will move to the evening when my job as a Shift Worker change. Which it is supposed to sometime soon. Meaning I will be working Monday to Friday during the day, and at home in the evenings like I was supposed to be when I showed up to this position 2 years ago. However COVID forced the hands of my work and we all became shift workers as a result. With that change looming, I expect that the stream schedule will shift to the evenings after everyone is in bed. And that is fine and is the overall goal.


Finally, the scheduled blog has already been happening for a while now, every Friday, 0600(0700 because the software keeps adjusting the time I set from 0600) hrs PST a new post happens. This doesn’t mean that I won’t post things off of this schedule. But this schedule is important to me. I enjoy posting a new piece of content every Friday. I typically write these articles a few weeks out. That is right, you read that correctly. I usually write these blog posts weeks before they are actually posted. I write them, edit them, adjust them, tweak them, for literally weeks before they release. My friend @WhirlingDerv also helps fix up the grammar and spelling mistakes when he can. He also tweets out when my posts go live.

I am just one person so it helps having someone else look over my posts and help me identify problems before the articles are posted. Of course, this isn’t a paid thing, he is just cool and helps out. So by me keeping my posts to one per week, it helps him help me. So yeah, that is a thing.

Wrapping it all up

All in all, I am always pushing to be better, to develop new ways to do things. I reinvent myself, and am constantly working to find ways to bring the most content I can to the people who are interested in it. I want everyone to know that I am always pushing forward with content for them. Even if I don’t stream for a couple weeks, its not because I don’t want to stream, it is simply because I cannot due to my work schedule. But I am working on that front and I will have it all sorted out sooner than later!

I love all my readers, stream followers, twitter retweeters, the works, you folks are simply the best and are the reason why I do all of this.

I hope you all have a great day!

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