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You can refer to me as a sellout, shill, or whatever else you want (pathetic, jealous, burger-hungry bottom-feeder?) but let’s get one thing straight, I like Burger King. I don’t know how much travel you do (or really anything about you anonymous reader) but if you have ever been to a familiar (assuming you are probably from North America) fast food outlet in a foreign land, you will find that they have some interesting local twists on the usual.

Anyway, here are some of those sexy foreign burgers that you can get from various Burger Kings throughout the world.

Okay, kind of pedestrian, but the fun is just getting started. These are from Germany. I know it is a fast food advertisement, but if you can look at these three sandwiches and not feel a stirring in your loins I think you should probably seek psychiatric help.
Oh, what are King Fries?! They look good! I know “schnitzel” is probably just a marketing term for “breaded fried chicken” but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t actually sound better. Note that the “bacon” here is 100% chicken, probably because this is from Israel, if the text didn’t give it away.
The “Stacker” isn’t too interesting, but the “Titanica” definitely sounds awesome, but somehow the “MEGA CHORISTACKER” is what really grabbed my attention here. If you want to try one (like I do!) you will have to travel to Peru for it.
Probably going to be real bacon on these bad boys from Denmark. Bacon! ON THE BUN. These are probably so greasy that you can eat the two dozen napkins you will need to sop it all up (yum!).
Aloha Hawaiians from, of course, Hawaii! Fiji! I know there is a big debate about whether pineapple belongs on pizza, but is there one about whether pineapple belongs on a burger!?
Yeah dog, I don’t know if you knew, but turquoise and red is one of my favourite colour combintions, so whatever that weird bubble-tea-soda monstrosity is, I want to try it. Hopefully these chicken fries from China don’t have bat.
Whoa, this deal from Turkey comes with a Nogger! uh… No comment.
My dudes, can you seriously look at these filthy, degenerate offerings and not crave one?! I never knew Indonesia liked cheese so much!
Uh, well, Mexico, you do you, I guess.
Japan always seems to have the coolest exclusives. Did you know what makes this really cool? This is an all-you-can-eat Burger King event. Yes, all-you-can-eat one-pound burgers. You need to reserve your spot, buy a ticket in advance, and be ready to go at the specified a-y-c-e time frame. Good thing they are in Japan, because I would bankrupt them.
Korea is upping the ante here, a whopper with crab AND shrimp. Yeah, I have never had (or seen for that matter) a burger with crab OR shrimp, and here the Koreans have this like it is an everyday thing! …but wait, that isn’t the best thing from Korea, check out…
What?! Guinness and Burger King have a collaboration?!!!? In Korea?! Well, if that Guinness sauce isn’t enough, it has one of those stylish black buns. Me wanty.
Sorry Kim, only in South Korea… 🙁

There you go. I hope you liked looking through some of Burger King’s foreign offerings!

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