Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons

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For years and years I was an avid dungeons and dragons player, never a good dungeon master, but quite a good player nonetheless. Recently it has come to my attention that there is a Rick and Morty spin-off of the latest edition of the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game. This sparked a need deep within me to play again.

For those whom do not know, in 2016 my house burned down. I lost all my posessions, including but not limited to, my books. And part of those books was my collection of 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons books. I had all sorts of them, including leather bound collectors editions. If it was 2nd edition, I wanted it and collected it.

Up until 2016, I played 2nd edition with my co-workers. Until that fateful day when my house took to fire while I was at work. The cause of the fire I won’t get into, because frankly I have an opinion about it that isn’t shared by other parties and speaking publically about it could be deemed bad for me. But I will say this, I lost everything, and books, precious books, were the one thing I could not afford to see a loss in. And that is exactly what I lost.


I am now looking at starting my collection all over again, of dungeons and dragons books and campaign settings. All because I noticed that Rick and Morty have got their own game setting.

Rick as the Dungeon Master

R.R.R.R.Roll urrrppp d20 against perception Morty!

This whole concept just makes me laugh and laugh, to play D&D within the world of Rick and Morty sounds like a hoot, whatever classes, skills, races, etc are available I don’t know, I literally know nothing about this because I do not own a copy of it yet, but when I do….. Oh man.

But I digress, this is the type of thing I would truly invest my time in, of course I would have to find a new group of people to play Dungeons and Dragons with, as I moved since the last time I played. However I would love to do it!

Rick and Morty are a pleasant pair and I couldn’t be more ready to give this a go! Perhaps I will get it for Christmas from my family. Wouldn’t that be a larf…

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