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Okay, I know its got my picture in it, but I am working on it. I wanted to create a community for bloggers to share their content with Reddit! But more importantly like minded people on Reddit, people like myself, who enjoy reading blogs.

I have found so much through blogs, but they are so hard to find a good blog, so I figured, what the hell, why not create a subreddit so that people, like myself, can share and hopefully, find, exciting new blogs!

So, if you are a blogger, and want to share your blogs with reddit and the community, please feel free to do so over on r/BloggingClique so that we can enjoy and share our content with everyone.

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All I ask is that people do not post pornographic material to the subreddit, I would love for this to be a clean experience for everyone, and honestly, I’d like to not have to limit who can access it. I have made it open to all to join and post and share within. With minor requirements (yes, you need to have some Karma), but not much.

With that said, this blog-post here, should be a few deep in the swing of things if all goes well. As this is a scheduled post, and there are posts before this one. So no matter how you found this blog, either through WordPress, Reddit, Facebook, etc, welcome to the BloggingClique!

SimmyDizzle is working on a lot of things here. So do enjoy! And see you all out there in the internet!

While this page grows, be sure to check out my Facebook Page, where I post my streams, witty comments, memes, and other social media related links such as my TikTok videos!!

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