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Police Future, the 2020 New Year, New Me.


It is new year, new me season, the joys of moving into the new year. I have been debating for some time changing career paths, and I have always wondered how I would go about doing so. But what path should I take? Well, if my title is any indication, it is a future in police work.

A local police department to where I live has a reserve constable recruiting program. This is where you become essentially a reservist police officer. The requirements of which include working 2 days a month as a cop. Of course those 2 days are a minimum requirement and I am okay with that to start. As initially there will be months of schooling, training, etc, 2 evenings and 1 full day on the weekend every week until the course of 160 hours is done.

This sounds like a lot of work, but honestly, it isn’t. I am a Canadian Forces Veteran, I have worked for over 14 years defending my country. Proudly, and I haven’t stopped yet. I fully intend to continue working for the CAF through this transition, and see if I like the police force. I enjoy my work in the CAF. But I want more, I need a job that keeps me physically active, and while the military can do that, my career within the military is that of a desk job. Not what I had originally intended when I joined CAF all those years ago.

My boy and I.

So why would I want to join the police force? Well, it is a career that would keep me on my feet, keep me moving, its not something that you spend every day in a desk unless you seek that out. I want to be out on the street, moving, chasing perps, enjoying the fresh air. I want a change in everything around me. Even if it is only on a reserve basis. If it turns out that I don’t like it, then I stay in the military. But if I do like it, I make the change and switch over to a full time constable. And that opportunity sounds amazing for me.

Imagine getting to ride around in this puppy?

So what do I have to do coming up in the future? Well, I have to lose some weight again, focus on cardio and strength training. I always train, and instead of doing strong-man style training, I will have to change my training tactics over to functional strength instead. Which has always been the goal, and improving my cardio is something I am always working on. I ride my bike to work daily, 25km a day in cycling, 7 days a week, that is a lot of kilometers every week. My cardio is pretty good, but always worth improving. Aside from that I have to do some medial check-ups, and pass a physical fitness test designed for police officers. So I am stoked for the future.

The next few months will be an interesting thing. Stay tuned as I will be focusing a lot on fitness and that will reflect here on my blog.

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