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Pokémon Shield


So I recently sat down on my Nintendo Switch (Lite) for a little game action on the newly released Pokémon Shield. This adventure has me coming back to the Pokémon franchise after what feels like 20 years since I last played a true Pokémon game.

Pick your first Pokémon right here!

Now don’t get me wrong, Pokémon go was fun, I still play it with my kids, we go for walks and catch all them pocket monsters. But this is something that feels like, well, my early teen years on my Game Boy, it really has brought back that nostalgia of the earlier games.

I am happy to report that I have just completed the first mission in Pokémon Shield, and it was an absolute blast, I will continue playing this game, but so far my impression is if you have played the older Pokémon games, you’ll like this. And if you haven’t played a Pokémon game before, perhaps you should, this has been a rousing adventure so far, and I am excited to see where it goes next.


Once I have completed Shield, my friend Jeremy wants to exchange copies as he has Sword. This to me is a good chance at an exciting time. And unless I am completely wrong, these two stories should go hand in hand together and while being different adventures, somehow they should link together.

I haven’t read any spoilers on either title. Nor would I share any here. I hate spoilers. But I am loving this game so far, my first impressions I’d rate this game a solid 8.5 out of 10, we shall see when I beat the game what rating I give it then. But this has all the hallmark feelgood moments of the old days. I love it!

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