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Pari… A Movie Review.


Pari is a Hindi language movie straight from Bollywood about of all things, a fairy. This demonic take on a fairy is just what the horror movie enthusiast ordered.

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Official Trailer for Pari!

What can I actively say about this fine movie other than go give it a watch! No, seriously, this movie is a great movie and a wild ride horror movie that takes you on an unexpected journey.

For those whom don’t watch Hindi movies, this is your opportunity to start because this just does the trick. Many people don’t like watching international movies, low budget, not the a-typical Hollywood experience, or some other excuse, but if you are into cinema, then you are missing out by not watching this amazing movie.

Chills, every damn time!

Anushka Sharma is a fairy, a demonic take on a fairy at that. She is an amazing actor/actress and this movie is the one that introduced me to her works. Now she has done movies before this and after this, obviously, but this was the first movie I had seen her in. And I fell deeply in love with her acting. This lead me down the rabbit hole of her other works and I gotta say, worth it. Don’t let the Hindi language be a barrier to amazing movies and actors/actresses.

With that said, this movie is a solid 8/10 for the horror genre. Here is the plot summary, straight from IMDB.

Arnab tries to help Ruksahana, who is found under mysterious circumstances in a house. He lets her stay at his home until he discovers something strange about her.


This is seriously a great thrill ride, and a wonderful horror movie for you to watch this Horror Movie Season!

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