Open letter to the purged people from my life.

So a while back I cut a flurry of people out of my life. I straight up banned them from all my social medias, removed them from my gaming platforms and simply dropped all contact. Were you one of them?

At this time I’d like to state that I have dropped a lot of people from my life over the years, but if you were cut out and don’t understand why you were removed from my life perhaps you cannot comprehend the reasons, but I assure you, you know exactly why.

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See, actions speak louder than words, and while a lot of people don’t realize it, they make actions, statements, and more, daily that effect those around them. Some more toxic than others. These resonate with a part of me that just wants to avoid all that nonsense. So what did I do? I pulled the plug. To a lot of people, no explanation.

I won’t spell out what people did here, because if they are reading, they’ll know it is directed at them. The exact reason, and no amount of work can make it right unless they figure it out themselves. I cannot give rise to any amount of hints of what they did wrong because they won’t learn if I do that. All they’ll do is apologize and go right back to being themselves within a few days/weeks/months.

I have learned over the years that if you identify the problem yourself, you are more likely to address it, fix it, and be better as a result. If I show you what you did wrong, you will never learn.


Cronus Boy knows what he did wrong. Now I know what you guys are thinking, who the hell is Cronus Boy? Well, it is a childhood friend of mine that I used to game with, that I discovered was cheating via using the Cronus Max (zen). I told him I don’t play with cheaters, and dropped him completely. He is the only person I told out of the 10 people I dropped a few months back.

Chronus Zen – This gives console controller gamers crazy powers

Now that may seem like overkill, but I am a video game streamer. I don’t want any of that associated with me. It negatively effects my stream if there is a cheater boosting my team. I’d rather do well, or die of my own accord. This is why Uncle Tony (the person I typically play with these days on stream, and a great personal friend), and I get along so well. We share this same mentality.

Now Tony and I both know why people were removed from my life. At least, for the most part. He witnessed the purge and we have spoken about it, but he doesn’t know the full details, nor should he. The point of the matter is when you decide to remove people from your life, you don’t replace them, that is impossible. And I know people think I have replaced other people with Tony, but that simply is not the case. Tony and I have a very special friendship, and oddly enough, an odd friendship. We share Tiktoks with each other, bitch about hackers, laugh, talk shop and generally chill. We play, we know the bounds of each other, we don’t hyperextend into the personal lives more than we need to.

This is a strong friendship, a brotherhood if you will. I encourage people to find their own Tony. This one is mine.


Ultimately I strive to make keep a non-toxic lifestyle as honestly, having been married twice I know what it is like to be surrounded by toxicity. Not to say that my ex’s are toxic, that is not what I am saying at all. Its just finding a clear way through this life with as little external batches of negativity as possible and I made the decision to purge those who were surrounding me with negativity. Honestly, if I purged you from my life, the reason is just that, negativity and toxicity that you don’t see, you cannot comprehend it, you don’t see it. And until you can identify it in yourself and see what it is that you’ve done to me, and others, you’ll stay purged.

Remain purged