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Name: Lars Larsen
Title: Madman
Type: Human

Description: Look to the shadows, the corners, the dark places where there is a place to hide; here is where you will find Lars Larsen. Larsen is always trying desperately to hide, but there is nowhere that he can escape to – everything that he fears exists strictly in his mind. 

Appearance: Tall, well-muscled, and sporting rugged good looks would describe Larsen, were it not for the years of stress and anxiety. Larsen’s insanity has driven him to austerity and his lifestyle has taken a serious toll on his body. His constant fear and attempts to avoid the unavoidable have left him malnourished and rangy, he is rarely clean-shaven and suffers constantly from hygiene-related issues.

Personality: Larsen’s personality is defined by his fear of the personalities in his head; whether the personalities are real or not, or if they were created by Larsen’s subconscious or not, is not entirely clear. Larsen will not willingly engage anyone in conversation, but if coerced or eavesdropped upon it becomes clear that Larsen believes that his mindspace has been invaded by hostile forces that seek to oust him from control of his own body. 

History: Before his self-described mental invasion, Larsen was a skilled merchant-mariner and veteran seafarer. At some unknown time in his history he developed his condition and his life quickly change course from modest success on the seas to vagrancy and isolation. Due to his knowledge of maritime customs and ships, he often sneaks aboard commercial vessels in an ill-guided attempted to escape his inescapable mental problems.

Equipment: Larsen is most often found in grotesquely unclean and heavily-worn clothing. He usually has no money or resources and has no mementos or personal effects. He will steal food to survive and will try to steal things to sell or pawn if an opportunity presents itself. He will only use violence if forced to do so and has a strong preference for avoiding any confrontation, even making eye-contact is sufficient grounds for him to flee.

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