Little Big Adventure

Nostalgia has hit me hard lately, and I have had a craving to play a classic game. Little Big Adventure was an amazing little story with isometric graphics that just screamed ‘next gen’, at the time.

This is a gem

For everyone who has had the opportunity, nay, privilege to play this gem, you understand why I want to replay this amazing game.

This is life

I honestly don’t remember the story anymore, I could google it and tell you exactly what this story was, but I don’t want to do that. No, I want to re-experience what it was that drew me in. It wasn’t the graphics, those were great for the time, but not what I remember about this game. I remember having great laughs, and enjoying the story. The gameplay was wild too. In the day and age of gameplay that defined the game, not the graphics. This is rare these days, everyone is trying to define a graphics point of view, and gameplay is typically left to a standard archetype.

This makes me smile like a mad man!

This game was created by Adeline Software International and published by Electronic Arts (EA). Adeline Software International is a defunct company now, long dead, but this was truly their gem to be remembered. I cannot honestly tell you any other games they made other than this. They may of made other games (other than the sequel to Little Big Adventure that is), but I simply don’t know them. Oh wait, they also did Time Commando! Just remembered! Okay, I’ll write about that too in another post!

But I digress, this game was amazing and I have always wanted to replay it, and now that I don’t remember the story anymore, I feel as if the time is right to replay it.

Some people would want to have a remaster of the game in 2021, but not me. I want the classic game, gameplay, and story. I want to relive what made the game great. And you know what, I think I will do that on stream sometime soon!

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