Knee Pain & Me! Ugh.

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So, December 27th, 2019 rolls around and for some odd reason, my body decides it doesn’t want to work properly anymore.

I take pride in my physical fitness level, care of my body, training, and never in my life have I felt pain like this. Keep in mind, I’ve been hit by a truck while I was riding my bike, and the pain I felt from that is nothing compared to what my knee is going through right now.

The first attempt at a cure.

Feeling this kind of pain I immediately went to the Voltaren, this has always worked for me, and keep in mind, this hit me when I got up in the morning, just below my knee cap on my right leg. Not sure what brought it on, but damn it hurt, I hadn’t exerted myself. Perhaps it is the Christmas weight I put on? No, I haven’t gained any.. So what is it? These are my thoughts and to no avail, I cannot figure out what I did to cause this.

So for the 27th, I put on lots of voltaren, but it didn’t help, at all, on the 28th I tried Icy Hot. Which felt nice, but well, didn’t work at all. On the 29th I tried adding Ibuprofen to the mix, with the icy hot. Still nothing.


Late on the 29th I also added the magic bag to the mix, first I tried it cold, and while it chilled my leg, it didn’t help relieve the pain, nor could I move my leg properly. I started getting very concerned and hit up google, apparently I have ostioarthritis. Of course, google is often wrong and not to be trusted when diagnosing illnesses.

Good ole Magic Bags?

Well, the addition of the magic bag when cold didn’t help, but I figured I would go to bed with just the Icy Hot treatment and some Ibuprofen. Turns out I couldn’t sleep. I ended up getting out of bed at 130am and going downstairs as to not disturb my girlfriend anymore, as I couldn’t stop myself from twisting around and rustling the sheets. It hurt that badly.

I went downstairs, heated up the magic bag, popped more Ibuprofen and laid down on the couch, with only 2 hours remaining until I had to be awake for work, I finally fell asleep. I woke up in excrutiating pain.

This is not how I expected to spend my holiday period, despite having to go back to work on the 30th, with no sleep, and having to ride my bike to work, I did it. And my body is in terrible pain because of it.


I have pushed through the pain, as I always do, like lifting, sometimes pain requires a little push to get through, you can always tell if the pain is a good one or a bad one. Sadly this is a bad pain, I’ve taken my magic bag with me to work, heated it up multiple times, and taken more Ibuprofen, and it seems to be working, at least a little bit.

I hate taking medications, any medication at all I hate, there is a long story in there with meds and my family (divorced twice over, and the second time was due to my ex having issues with medications that I won’t get into here). To me, I hate medications, I know they all have a point and purpose, but I feel that we shouldn’t put these in us unless we absolutely have to. We have to learn to deal with pain, deal with illness, our bodies are quite adept at adapting. If you never get exposed to bacteria, when you finally do, your body won’t know how to defend itself, so you have to get that exposure.

For medications, I’ve had several injuries in my life, and I have avoided pain meds. But right now I’m taking Ibuprofen (appropriately) to help with the pain in my knee, which I believe is caused by swelling, still not sure why its hurt though.

With that said though, I am going to take it easy for the next few days and help my knee recover, then I will be back in the gym, and you can expect more Fitness related posts from me, it has been way too long since I posted a workout routine, life has had me busy as of late so I haven’t been able to keep up the pace with blogging my fitness adventures. I fully intend to return to it as I love it!

Hopefully I’ll include a leg-day in there if my knee behaves and I don’t have to hit up the hospital. And hopefully it won’t be bad-form stuff like my earlier work.

I had a bad habit of not properly straightening my back in some of my earlier works. Oh, and deadlifts are a leg exercise as much as a back exercise. FYI.

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