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King of Dragons


I know I recently mentioned how much I am bothered by Nostalgia, but I think it is more or less just frustration with outdated systems of gameplay. Games with “eternal” gameplay don’t seem to bother me, so maybe I will slake my thirst on these for a while.

Anyway, this is going to be a small collection of screenshots from a recent playthrough of The King of Dragons. There is a lot of lore in the game, but the majority of the game is taken directly from Dungeons and Dragons (and I mean the first edition of the game). So the plot, is basically a group of adventurers start out by trying to get rich, then get suckered into a plot to stop an evil red dragon, which is what D&D was originally about (ransacking ruins, killing monsters, collecting loot, getting rich) and for me, is about as good a plot as any game needs. I think a lot of games and designers feel they need some complex story, but I mean, they don’t.

Here is your character selection screen, the five original classes from D&D, yes, “Dwarf” and “Elf” were classes.
The game starts out simple enough, just dudes trying to get rich. …and eat strawberries?
Orcs with morningstars, wolfmen with crossbows, and a cave-complex ripe for plundering. If that doesn’t get you going, well, fuck you.
The game has a tonne of fantasy tropes and they are all done very well.
I really liked that this random ancient tree (that I recently saved from a giant spider infestation) referred to me as “buddy” – pretty rad.
Evil wizard eh? You’re going to eat steel!
Dare you enter the dungeon?! Dare you eat the dungeon apple?!
Here is that evil red dragon, and man, what a classic threat!
One of my favourite parts of the game: when the dragon moves around on his giant pile of golden treasure, coins and other stuff are thrown around in one of the parallax layers, really awesome effect.

I liked the game, and it is worth a play, in my opinion. Just as a note, I in no way 1cc’d this!

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