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Hey everyone. I haven’t posted on here in quite a long time, and I feel like you deserve an explanation. I know I have said I would post more content here. And believe me, that is the plan, however due to life getting in the way, it just hasn’t been able to happen the way I want it to.

So, coming this October, I will be upgrading this website when it comes up for renewal. What does this mean for the content already available here on simmydizzle-dot-com? Well, it means the content will still exist, but there will be a completely new interface for the website, we will be Facebook Instant Article compliant, and my stream will automatically show up here on the website.

SimmyDizzle is known as LiveSimmy on most social media platforms.

I will also be optimizing the SEO for the site to help make us more discoverable, and the other writers on the website, will automatically have their posts, posted to social media. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is the little things that go a very long way.


October the site comes up for renewal, and I will change the plan that it is under, this will allow for more storage space, plugins to extend the sites capabilities, and more.


Well, the stream still happens on a regular basis, but it no longer posts here to the blog when I go live. I removed this to cut-down on spam of pointless articles. I stream on Facebook Gaming primarily. You can see the announcement here: Facebook Gaming vs SimmyDizzle. This was a huge transition for me but I feel like the site is growing nicely. As of today (June 09, 2021), there are over 800 page likes. Which is a big deal to me!

Why Upgrade? Why not just post to Facebook?

To answer this question, you’ll have to understand that my focus is to create lots of content. I have many projects in the works, and this website is just one of them. Facebook allows for monetization once you hit certain milestones. Until I reach those milestones, Facebook does not allow me to make profit. To be honest, making money isn’t my goal with this site, or with Facebook, but it is a nice bonus if I do make a little scratch from it.

I want to have an experience that isn’t defined by the Facebook TOS. With Instant Articles, when someone shares one of our blog posts on FB, it will get specially formatted for their platform, but the content has to fit the FB Terms of Service. Since this website is small, we do not qualify for the Instant Article system, yet. So while I can, I want to grow this platform, this website, to meet other goals I have.

In the long-term I have always wanted to run this blog for my friends, as a safe space, not from toxicity, but from overbearing rules of various platforms. Not so I can bully people, not to be toxic myself, but to actually enjoy the freedom of speech and freedom of expression that I have. Different platforms censor what they don’t like to read, making this platform the safest bet for myself.

Other Writers

Okay, full disclosure, there are 5 authorized authors on this page, they can post content, out of those 5, it is just myself and one other that actually post content. The other 3 have yet to post content as they are waiting for the site to be overhauled, cleaned up, and re-designed. And I fully understand their reasoning. We all write different things, and the end-state goal is to clean up everything there, and focus on a variety of topics, while maintaining objectivity and transparency. So there will be more content here after October, not just from myself, but from everyone else.

Everyone will be getting the guidelines for FB TOS for Instant Articles, and we will strive to keep within them, without losing ourselves in the process. Again, we want to be free of the FB TOS, and we will be until October. After October however, we will be tightening the grip and cleaning up our act.

Is this SimmyDizzle’s Mad Elite photoshop skills at work? Or does he actually live in an Xbox Series X? You decide!

Will there be new posts before October

There most certainly will be more posts before October, in fact, I am working on multiple posts right now. There is full intent to have new and unique content going forward. I am also working on developing the new UI for the website. However it cannot go live until October as under the current plan, I lack the ‘permission’ to put my own custom UI up, so I am developing it offline on my home site. I expect this to be a big change for SimmyDizzle dot Com.

Will the Domain Name Change

This is a question I get asked since I have multiple websites in development, and the short answer is no. However the long answer is, we will see what happens, since this website name is focused on myself, and I have a team now developing the site, we may transition to a new domain name. But that is yet to be seen. We shall see what happens as we get closer to that date.

You guessed it, this is a banner image, showing SimmyDizzle in his actual habitat, in absolute disaster!


In closing, the website isn’t being neglected, it isn’t forgotten, it has just taken a side position to the streaming on FB, my life as a parent, and my career. However the goal is to turn all of this into my career, this is a long term goal as I intend to finish out my career, which has 9 more years before I reach my pension qualification. In the meantime, I am trying to build a community around this website, my stream on Facebook, and across other Social Medias.

I hope that everyone who reads this website can be patient with me while this transition happens. Trust the process, this is going to be a big change, and I have a long term goal for this website. Be ready for the big update.

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