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Illusion of Gaia Playthrough: III


I don’t know anymore. I can’t seem to enjoy anything. At this point I am progressing through the game, enjoying it at parts, but more and more I just don’t have fun. I don’t want that to be a criticism of the game, that would be unfair, more of a criticism of myself. Anyway.

There is a city that exists strictly on rafts. It is kind of fun.
I don’t know if some of my problems come from wanting to know more or not. Earlier I mention that I liked how the game let the player fill in some of the blanks, but as the game progresses, there are a lot of blanks. At some point it is not letting the player fill in the blanks, but the player writing their own story in their mind – I mean, neat and all, but is a video game supposed to be an imagination prompt?
Probably my favourite character in the game. Sombrero? In Asia?
I noticed this, but I don’t know if it is correct or not. I looked it up here & here, but as a filthy Canuck that uses a bastardization between American and British spelling and grammar, I have no fucking clue. If I were doing the translation or whatever, I would have used “the herb” or “herbs” to avoid the whole thing. Whatever. This, somehow, was the only screenshot I took at the Great Wall of China, which I consider a scathing review – not even worth a push of a button.
There is a subplot reason to go to the Wall, and it involves what is mentioned here…
I really wonder what the original text was – are the Japanese so critical of Chinese medicine?
There is sombrero. He is about to die, we were playing a Russian Roulette-like game and he knew the next move would be fatal, but decides to carry it out. Hardcore. I can truly appreciate someone that dies for their perception of dignity and belief in their trade or profession. In general, the game is fairly heavy-handed with its lessons and while it tries to show that not everything is black and white, it sometimes gives a weird message like this one above. Again, I played this as a youth and the game is designed for a younger audience, but as an adult, some of the ideas are a little questionable. Again, art should be free, and I believe that any message should at least be evaluated, but I wonder what kind of rating this game would merit nowadays.

I will press on.

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