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I have recently been introduced to Hindi movies. Bollywood really has their sh*t together if you ask me. Some people feel that they are over the top, and they are. For that exact reason, is why I like this movie.

Housefull is a movie about a man, Aarush, played by Akshay Kumar, who is jinxed with bad-luck, everything bad happens to him, loses his woman due to it, he is even hired by a casino to just come in and spread bad-luck for people who are winning streaks. He comes near them and they just start losing. He is, jinxed.

But that doesn’t stop his friends from trying to help arrange a marriage for him, to help break his curse, and make him happy. And sure enough, he gets married to a rich family and leaves on his honeymoon, only to find, well, that his wife only married him because her dad would not give her any fortune unless she married another Indian.

The story only gets more crazy and amazing from there as his love interest and focal point changes. Throughout the whole movie everything consistently goes wrong in a all out hilarious way.

While the movie is old, 2010, it holds up quite well today in 2019. I recommend this to everyone, if you don’t understand Hindi, that is fine, watch it with subtitles, it is totally worth it.

A song plays throughout the entire movie (aside from the typical Bollywood style dance sequences). About how the main character, Aarush, is such a loser. This is in both Indian, and English.

A beautiful cast of Hindi actors and actresses.

The song and dance sequences are fitting for the movie, and a staple of a good Hindi movie. If you are not into the Bollywood movie scene, these dance/song sequences often help explore more depth of the story, however some Hindi movies add them simply because if they don’t it won’t be recognized as a good Hindi movie by the critics. In this case, the sequences are fitting the movie and have had a good purpose.

I would give this movie an 8 out of 10, and another view!

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