Highlander… A Movie Review…

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The amazing movie Highlander needs no introduction. If you have not heard of Highlander, you need to take a trip back to 1986 and watch it. The movie stars Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, and Clancy Brown.

Christopher Lambert

Sir Sean Connery
Clancy Brown


Christopher Lambert plays as Connor MacLeod, a man who cannot die, one of the few remaining ‘Immortals’ seeking the prize, nobody knows what the prize is, but all the Immortals know is, if they decapitate other Immortals, they will endure the Quickening, become more powerful, wise, etc. And when they are the only one left, they will receive a prize from the universe.

This movie is amazing, and the sequels to it prove that the catch phrase “There can only be one” should of been followed, as the sequels were all tripe. But this movie, the original, the was simply an awesome movie.

As per usual I do not give spoilers on my movies, no matter how old and awesome they are. This movie is a solid 10/10, its action, romance, acting, etc for its time were the best. Plus as an added bonus, the soundtrack to this movie was done primarily by Queen, that is right, if you wanted to have a good movie in the 80’s, Queen was the band to do the soundtrack, as all of their music was just simply badass and ready to go.

For those whom do not know it, Queen is another band from the 80’s that was just simply amazing, like most things from the 80’s. (Like Me) Simply amazing.


This is a movie that if you have watched it before, it is worth a revisit, I have put it recently on my list of movies to watch again, because everytime I see it, I get a feeling from my childhood, the nostalgia of it is amazing. But for those whom are new to Highlander, trust me when I say this, it is truly worth the time to watch. But do yourself a favour, don’t watch the sequels.

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