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Halloween (2018)… A Movie Review.


Two weeks in a row with horror movie reviews? Well get used to it, October is the month of horror movie reviews and here goes another one! Halloween (2018) is a continuation of the Halloween story with Jamie Lee Curtis and honestly it is a handful to follow, but in a good way.

Creepy, yet it is perfectly aged.

I was well prepared for this slasher flick as I had seen the previous installments in the franchise, and while I could write a review of them all, I won’t because honestly, this movie deserves its own review.

Time has aged this glorious face nicely.

Back to my tradition of not spoiling the movie, as I gave a little more details in my previous movie review about Willy’s Wonderland, I won’t be giving more details on this movie simply because this is a slasher and is meant to be suspenseful, dark, and gritty. It hits all those marks beautifully.

Straight to my review mark, this movie is a 7 out 10 for me. Keeping in line that I review this based on slasher movies, and not against non-slasher movie types. It was obviously predictable, yet at the same time it was a clear setup for another movie, which will be coming sooner than later.

Into the toaster?

If you are not a fan of the slasher genre of movies, that is quite alright, I am not a fan of the slasher movies myself. Grown up, seen war, not exactly my goal to see copious amounts of murder and blood in graphic detail. I enjoy lighter horror movies, more suspense than blood. But if you’re into the whole gore thing, this movie will be up your alley.

Halloween is a movie about a man who has an insatiable desire to kill his sister, and anyone who gets in between him and his goal. Pure evil emanates from this man. This saga of trying to murder his sister has led to the deaths of many people, typically in a really gruesome yet predictable way. If someone has screen time in this movie, they will most likely encounter Michael Myers and die horrifically. Its just the nature of the beast.

Our heroine, Jamie Lee Curtis has played the prolific role of Laurie Strode since the beginning of this franchise and as her character developed over the years, she evolved from a timid woman struggling to survive into a woman who is determined to not only survive, but protect her family, at any cost, including being called crazy and hated by her family. Until they realize that she was never crazy, and quite literally was saving them by preparing them for the horrors to come.

Ultimately this is a great story especially if you look past the blood and gore. Of which I already stated I am not a fan of. It is a great movie, and I suggest you give it a watch this horror season!

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