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Getting Jacked


It is hard to keep form, strength, cardio, diet all in track. I have been building my body for years, I’ll cut or bulk depending on my goal. I just finished a bulk phase, I gained 60lbs, and I am working to kill off all that weight I put on.

Why did I put on so much weight if I was just going to try and lose it? Well, mass moves mass, so when I was working towards pushing my 1 rep max up, gaining a little weight was expected. However I didn’t manage my weight properly and before I knew it, I had put on a lot more than I intended. So the struggle to lose the weight begun again.

I have put myself in this situation and I am 100% okay with it as it is part of my cycle.

Now I bike to and from my work, go to the gym daily, and have a balanced diet, the weight slowly comes off, the 25km bike ride everyday helps, and the 2 hours I spend in the gym helps me recover from the cycling. I still build muscle, while cutting the fat.

I will be posting lots of pictures and stories of my success and transition from 270lbs down to 210lbs, which is my goal. Since I starting my cutting phase, I have lost 8lbs, and I only started 2 weeks ago. That may seem fast to lose that kind of weight, however 25km daily biking, and 2 hours in the gym daily, no matter what I do, I will lose weight. Plus I am a parent so I continually have to keep moving. Kids simply do not give you any time off.

More to come in the future!

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