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So there I was, Front Page of DLive, that is a feeling that I love. My stream, which is just at the time, streaming music, was front page of a popular streaming website. I feel super stoked about it.

I stream music from my house on DLive because my work has blocked Youtube, so this is how I can get music into my work which is otherwise very quiet.

This has been a wild ride! I am now over 80 followers! I gained 30 yesterday!

But to see my page had so many views on it (30 viewers yesterday) as well as being front page. I am simple awe-struck by that and couldn’t be happier.


I am a small time video game streamer, but this gives me hope for the future of my streaming career.

I am simply stoked for everything that is coming with all the work I am putting in to developing my stream futher, which is why I haven’t been posting on here as much. I have been putting time/effort in to building my UI for my stream and developing stuff that I need to be able to put the best foot forward for that stream experience.

I hope to someday have hundreds if not thousands of followers someday.

If you want, you can join me on my journey and give me a follow over on DLive by clicking Here!

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