Flying through the sky

This wraps up an exciting few days for me. No streaming, but lots of flying. Let’s talk about that.

Blue Skies, and no gray water. Cuz I’m flying over land!

Flying over the Rocky Mountains

Full disclosure, I have primary care (custody depending where you live) of my son and I had to fly him across the country for his summer visitation with his mom.

My boy, because we are talking about this awesome guy!

These flights are regular for my son and I and that is why I don’t typically write about the. However this flight series of flights was quite fun if you will.

The flights to my son’s mom was uneventful, however the flights back is where things got exciting. It started with the first flight and my window seat, ahh yes, that window seat I paid for.

Notice my lack of window? I do!

So I paid extra to select a seat with a window. It’s not much but it is something that I pride myself on doing, I ensure that I have a window seat for my son and I. On the way down and back. This trip back I don’t have my son as he is staying with his mom for the summer. But I still got myself the window seat. Which did not have a window sadly.

The second issue with the first flight was a 45 minute delay because 1 passenger wasn’t assigned a seat. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, there were open seats on the plane. But this is COVID season so they had to do a bunch of procedures to register him to a seat and get approval after the seating change. 45 minutes for one person.

High above the clouds. Beautiful!

So that was the first leg of the trip. The second leg of the trip was equally exciting, and also equally delayed. But for an entirely different reason.

We will start off with meeting a new person in the terminal. Completely random but I met a young new officer, he identified fellow military man (myself) as I was using my military issue combat pack. Totally neat. He told me about his training at RMC and that he was travelling to go sailing with the Navy while he awaits his final semester at the military college. He showcased aspirations to be a good leader, and when he found out I had many years in, he was full of questions as to how he could, in fact, be a better leader for the troops.

We’ve talked a lot, so have one of my favourite memes before you read the rest of this exciting stuff!

This is the type of person we want as a leader, someone who wants to know and asks how to be what the troops need, while also maintaining their own development into that role. A young man but already looking to those with time in on how to distinguish himself and be a capable leader that embodies the trust of his troops. I expect great things and will watch his career with much intrigue.

Soon after the discussion with this young officer had ended they called my seating to the plane and it was time to board. We said our goodbyes (despite him boarding the same plane) and that is where the next batch of excitement begins.

Two toddlers decided to have it out with each other, and simply wouldn’t stop. Their grandmother was taking them back to their moms. And the kids just simply wouldn’t behave.

Flying over Calgary Alberta.

These kids just simply wouldn’t stop, the flight attendant pulled out all the stops trying to bribe these two kids into not fighting each other. 40 minutes of delays later, they were finally done fighting and were listening to the flight crew.

I feel for the grandmother, she just couldn’t control the unruly children. This is where I am quite the lucky guy. My son is an absolute champ on planes. In fact, he loves them, always has!

MiniSimmy and I on our flight to his mom’s place.

My boy hates loud noises, with a passion, he has always reacted poorly to them. So obviously on his first flight (which was with his grandpa) I had warned my dad that he might be difficult. But much to my surprise, he didn’t mind the loud noises of the plane. The change in pressure, none of it. He was so simply awesome, and since my son is a My Hero Academia fan, I’ll say he went Plus Ultra on how good he was. And always is on each flight.

Goofy faces, because he is my boy.

I can’t help but take pictures of my kid on a plane. He is always in the best spirits. And always trying to be funny, he is such a goof. Which I love about him. The difference between my son and the kids on the plane today is staggering.

Of course, it was a long day for the kids on the plane and not all kids are easily occupied and able to deal with long flights. It all goes part in parcel for how often the kids fly, and some just handle it better.

Sometimes it’s good to refresh on those safety rules!
In the terminal he gave me the cutest looks!

But today was an ordeal, issue after issue. Delay after delay. Once we got airborne all was well and our flight continued to carry me home to where I would be met by my girlfriend. Who is simply amazing as well.

My amazing girlfriend has taken over my battle station for school. But I don’t mind, she is outstanding in every way and I am beyond lucky to share my space with her.

I dare say despite the delays the day was a fantastic one for me. I am home, and getting ready to stream. That is right! Streaming is back on the menu and I am looking forward to it. Perhaps, we can talk about this lovely flight when I drop my next stream.

It was a short lived nap, but he got it in!

With that said, I’ll be flying again to pick my boy up in August. So until then there will a regular life schedule.

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