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I love my Fitbit, there is no denying that. It helps me track my fitness, food, sleep, etc. But there are times that I wish it would be a little more comprehensive.

Like my step count

Steps are counted, and that is fine, but I like to cycle everywhere. I am pedalling for hours everyday. Yet not a single step. It tracks the distance I go, and my calories. But no steps. So in the competitions in it that are there to help keep you motivated to workout, there is that lost opportunity. All those missed steps make it almost not worth the time and effort to join them.

Fitbit homescreens

The app has an interface that works, it’s beautiful and gets the job done. As seen by my metrics this is at the beginning of a week. So all my stats are reset. My goals are clearly displayed. And I am ready to go.

Last week’s stats

But if we look at last week, we will see what I was talking about earlier, cycling tracks everything, except steps. So all those KM traveled are lost steps in the Fitbit competitions.

Now I won’t stop using my Fitbit. I love it. I just wish it would do some math after I was done. GPS tracked cycle route and give me some steps. I don’t care if it’s not accurate or lower than it should be, I just want some coverage in the competitions, some compensation for my work and effort. I love to compete and it just doesn’t let me the way I’d like.

Hear my plea Fitbit, make GPS tracked cycling give steps!!

Signed, me!!
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