Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection.

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It was only a matter of time before Square-Enix did it, and they did. Welcome to the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection. This is Final Fantasy 1-6 remastered, slightly. That is right, they have boosted the graphics just a hair, and did some tiny reworking of the titles. But it is a thing.

So what can we expect from the pixel remaster? I guess pictures should help understand this.

Final Fantasy 1
Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

As you can tell from the pictures above, this is a very different appearance for this game.

Gameplay should not really differ all that much if any differences at all. Truthfully this is one of 6 games with increased graphics. And I could post pictures all day about these games and the differences. As I absolutely love Final Fantasy, in fact, the first 6 titles in the series are my childhood. FF7 and up I was a young adult (teenager and up). So this really hits my childhood hard.

Nostalgia is goin to be real playing these. And while I know I am late talking about these as this released in July. I have to say, I am not that late to the party on this. I am excited about it, but I am waiting for confirmation that this will come to console. I refuse to buy this on PC just to have it come to Xbox at a later date.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection Trailer

Right now they haven’t announced console ports, but on twitter, people have been begging for this to be released onto console, so I suspect it’ll only be a matter of time before they release it on Console. Which honestly is what every console gamer wants.

For those who do want it on PC, I am a gracious god, of sorts. Here is a link to buying it on steam!

Ultimately this is going to be an amazing little collection for those whom have not played the original 6 titles. It will also be an amazing piece of nostalgia for those of us who have played it. And I am excited to get my hands on it sooner than later. However it will be more ‘later’ than sooner on account of me being a holdout for a console port.

This isn’t the first time we have written about Final Fantasy here on SimmyDizzle-Dot-Com. In fact, we have written a few times about Final Fantasy titles. I am quite confident that this won’t be the last time either as the love of Final Fantasy runs deep.

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