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Well, you seen it here first folks, that is, if you haven’t followed my Facebook Gaming page yet that is. I have moved from Twitch over to Facebook Gaming. This was a hard decision to make made easy by Twitch changing its policies and literally sending out an email that said they will limit the freedom of expression on their platform.

Now that isn’t to say that my platform was toxic or leaning one way or another that justified me taking a protectionary stance, however I take my freedoms quite seriously. As a soldier who literally defends freedoms, when a corporation comes along and outright says they will limit what I can say, I have a strong moral stance that I have to take by proxy. For me, that meant me moving to another platform.

So why Facebook? They have a terrible history of censoring people. This is true, but their guidelines are quite clearly spelled out, and expression of any one thing is not an offense to lose a platform. So long as I am not posting nudity, gore/dismemberment videos, or anything criminal, I basically don’t violate the rules. And to be honest, I have no intention of posting nudity, gore, or dismemberment videos, just gaming videos where I swear a lot and make crude jokes with my friends. Which honestly, is fine with FB for the most part, they will only de-monetize videos if they contain too much vulgarity. And I am okay with that.

This decision is basically one of the hardest one I have had in recent history because I was having such great traction on Twitch. I was starting to truly grow my platform. Now I am starting fresh, but I feel it is worth it for my freedoms.

So if you haven’t, please do come by my page:

Hope to see you all there on the Facebooks!

And if you haven’t dropped a like on the page, how about it, help me regrow my channel back up!

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