Event Horizon… A Movie Review. (Halloween Horrors Edition)

You had to know that space movies are my favourite movies, and nothing would please me more than writing a review on what I would consider, the best space horror movie ever. Event Horizon. This movie to this day, creeps me out the entire damn time. I love it! Warning! This post has some graphic photos from the movie, if you aren’t able to handle horror movie gore, skip this one.

Getting right into it here is the IMDB summary of what this movie is about. A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned…with someone or something new on-board.

Pinhead has nothing on this guy!

They found a way to fold space to travel faster than light, and travel between the two points in space. But doing so, caused them to experience something a little more hellish than expected. The horrors of this movie are dark, and insane. This highlights a real fear for me as I love technology and everything thing to do with space. This is one of my fears when I hear scientists talk about ‘folding’ space, and yes, this is a real thing scientists are looking into, to in fact, travel faster than light.

Even the trailer gives me chills

The first time I watched this movie, my now ex-wife and I had rented it on DVD (because that was the thing at the time). This movie creeped my then wife out so much that we turned it off for the night, and when I woke up the next day, she had returned it to the shop. I didn’t get to finish watching it for quite literally, years.

This is pretty much the scene that the ex-wife turned off the movie at. Yup.

I have forever been in love with this movie though as it gives me the ultimate creeps. More so than any other horror movie in space ever has. And trust me, there has been a large volume of horror movies in space and none get me like this.

Yup, pretty much hell in space.

I give this horror movie a straight up, 10/10, because it hits the gritty vibe, it handles the horror of space, and hell perfectly. The science behind the movie creeps me out too. The acting, it captures my fears entirely and creeps me out. I probably won’t sleep tonight.

Anyone want a directors cut? I’d love it!

If you are a fan of horror movies and space movies and this isn’t the movie that creeps you out the most, then I’m dying to know what is, so if it isn’t super duper creepy for you, leave that space horror movie title in the comments so I can watch what makes you feel a little off.

This is pleasant in an unpleasant sort of way.
Before things go crazy
Ahh, so majestic. Nothing went wrong at all.. Nope, nothing…

Truth be told the cast and crew of this movie did a stellar job all around and it is one of the creepiest stories and movies I’ve seen. I hope you guys give it a shot this Horror Movie Season if you haven’t already. And if you have, now is the time to go back and re-watch this classic space horror movie!

Lastly, Happy Halloween everyone!